Date? Three

I went out for Dim Sum with P today.  It was a lovely time.  I actually used the chopsticks and tried all sorts of things that I had not tried before.  One in particular was raw jellyfish!  It was good and crunchy, though I preferred the dishes with rice flour instead.  P was pleased that I tried the jellyfish. 

After that we hung out for a while and went to the Gardens and fed the ducks. 

All told we spent about 8 hours together.  Still nothing beyond him being nice. 

I'm definitely confused.

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7 thoughts on “Date? Three

  1. I hope he's not one of these guys that waits until you give him a sign before he makes a move… On second thought that WOULD mean that he's a REAL gentleman and a nice guy. Hmmmmm…
    I can't imagine him asking you for 3 dates (and not to McDonalds either) if he didn't think of it as a real date. I'd still put my money on it:)
    I'm glad you had a good time but I'm sure you're getting impatient (to know something)

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