Abdominal Muscles and more.

I had a workout with trainer boy today.  Actually, I am a total dork, because I switched my time and showed up an hour early for our appointment, of course, that wasn't a problem for me….I just switched up.

I ran.  1.10 miles, then met trainer, only to be told I was at the wrong time. So I went back to the mill and ran again, 2.0 more miles for a 5k combined.  after that, I did the wobble board for about 8 minutes.  its getting easier and I'm going to soon have to switch to the smaller swivelley balance board. 

After which I ran into my buddy R.  He's great, and I have not seen him in forever, so we chatted.  I then rode the lazeboy bike for about 10 minutes until Trainer boy was ready for me. 

TB and I have been doing weeks and weeks of squats.  I've had a lot of trouble with them and have been in general feeling pretty miserable.  I USED to think I was fat and out of shape.  Now, I know I was neither and wish that I could have my former level of fitness back!  So, today to change it up, he decided to do 45 or so minutes of abs.

I did straight leg crunches.

for a while.  then, he apparently got bored with the straight leg crunches, so I moved on to more crunches

the traditional bent leg crunches…. and then oblique crunches, then some work on the transverse abs and then some more crunches. 

It just kept going and going and going.  Crunches are always easier than squats, so I was giggling a lot even though it was difficult.

About 30 min into it, though I started to feel horribly seasick.  TB of course just sits there on the bouncy ball and keeps saying keep going…keep going.  I was pretty sure at the end, I was going to vomit.  Just as I turned quite greenish, he allowed me to do a set of 30 second planks.  some with both legs, and some with one leg, and some with one leg and one arm….ugh. 

Ah the end of the workout, I still felt queasy.  and now, about 4 hours later, I still actually feel slightly nauseated. 

Goodness.  I suppose its worth it, but my tummy doesn't think so!

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4 thoughts on “Abdominal Muscles and more.

  1. Wow, your abs are gonna be so sore tomorrow morning that when you wake up you'll be folded in half! I can't imagine doing 45 minutes of abs, especially after running.

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