Time for some updates on things.


Went back to work yesterday and had our chief administrator come to our "huddle" in the morning (The Huddle is a campy term for our meeting of all staff prior to the beginning of our shift to tell whats going on in the department.

J, the administrator started by telling us that he wasn't going to tolerate any more crazy violence in the waiting room any more.  Apparently on the days I was off, one of our patients pushed a computer into a staff members lap…and another patient began to throw medicine containers.  Neither thing resulted in injury, but were disruptive and indicate an escalating pattern of behavior.  The worst part is our campus security.  They are present, but are quite difficult to work with.  They watch people become belligerent, but they won't interevene until things are clearly out of control.

So, while we work out the use of campus security, J has hired off duty police officers to be in our waiting room.  The change has been immediate.  The officers are so helpful.  They immediately cut off any inappropriate language, actions, and the prescence usually was enough to have people act like people.  The officers are being paid very well, but, they are worth it, because they do their job.  They come to us and ask what else they can do, interact with no fear with the patients and help with crowd control. They should be with us for a while. 

So, thats a relief.  Being back on the full 12 hr shift is good as well.  I feel much more normal.  Even though it wasn't true, doing the 8's made me feel as if I was being punished for hurting my hand…


The hand.  It should be getting better, but of course, as with anything it varies.  I was using it a lot more on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today, I woke up…my hand is swollen up like a small baseball.  It sort of works, but sort of doesn't.  The swelling will go down again, but its sort of disappointing to feel as if I am constantly starting over on a daily basis.  I'm looking forward to the swelling leaving and not waking up to a frozen hand each day.


The running.  Well.  Its hard going.  I'm planning on a Marathon in November.  The Outer Banks Marathon to be exact.  Supposed to be flat.  we'll see.  encounter today with trainer also so….hopefully i will not cry.



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2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. The off duty police officers sound like exactly what the ED needs! I wonder why the regular security only intervened when forced to? Was it a lack of communication, or were they too easily intimidated? Strange.

  2. There is a long long history of "bad blood" between the ED and the security. None of it makes sense, but the Security guys tend to go out of their way to antagonize us. It's crazy because it puts us at risk. but for a while we have the local PD, who love us. I don't get it….but its been going on for years. Of course they do get called to intervene more often in the ED than other areas, just because of the type of people we treat, and also the location physically (I work in an inner city area right on drug traffiking lines…) but really…its time for them to step up properly…

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