So my little confusion with relationships and dating continues.

I continue to talk to and make plans with P.  I do like him.  He is funny, and a great competitor, and charming.  I've discovered a few odd things about him, like his love of ballroom dancing, and his tendency to criticize the designers in "The Runway" show that we both adore.   

We chat on the phone during the week, and IM sometimes….

All seems to be going along swimmingly, and usually if a man wants to be "just friends" they don't continue to make long term plans with a person, do they?  and lots of plans?  we'll see….

I had an 8 yr relationship, then a nice long dry spell, then Africa….where you are either with someone, or not….no dating as you already essentially live  together, unless you step out with the local population (which is not recommended in my book as the inequities make for wierd relationships…people looking for green cards etc…)

And now this.  I am entirely confused.  But, I suppose the best thing is to take a wait and see approach.  I am a bit more of an implusive person…I get the feeling P is being normal….taking time to get to know me before making a decision, whereas I tend to make a decision and then get to know someone….I guess I just don't want to waste my time if nothing is going to come of this.  wierd.



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3 thoughts on “Confusion….

  1. If nothing else you've got a friend if it doesn't progress. But I totally understand feeling in limbo wondering. For now enjoy your time together getting to know each other. Do you think you'd ask P where things stand or are going at some point?

  2. I still stand by my saying that he may just be the kind of guy who wants to start a friendship first! That's a good thing! Relax, let things flow, don't try to control them (which for some reason I feel may be really difficult for you). I think as women we tend to panic about where we stand and that can be unnerving for a guy who is laid back and just lets things develop as they may. I don't know, I'm not the one in the relationship (all I know is what you post!) but I've been around too many guys who are that way to instantly say, "if it's not a date yet it's hopeless!" Maybe it's not hopeless! Maybe it just needs another month!

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