back in the gym…

Today at the gym, I struggled.  It had been a late night with P that involved wine, which makes me really groggy. The dog decided to pace and chew at things all night.  He had not had eough exersise and I couldn't get him to calm down, so it was a difficult sleep night, which was entirely my fault.

But I knew I had to go to the gym.  So…I decided to use a Powerbar gel to get pumped for the workout.  it's not the calories, its the caffiene. OMG  the tangerine….tastes….hideous.  It tasted like a flouride treatment…. but I needed the caffiene, so, I chugged it. 

It helped.  I ran 3.10 with a few walking breaks.  Did 25 crunches, 30 single calf raises, and some work on the quads with 19 pounds of weight. After this I got brave and swam for 10 minutes.  I had tried swimming about 2 weeks ago but found it really hurt my hand so I quite.  Today i swam for only 10 minutes…but it didn't hurt too much and it was nice to be doing it. 

It wasn't the best work out, but it wasn't the worst either.

Curious what I'll be able to do on Tuesday

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