Dating some more…..

Alright….apparently I am not a patient person, but I am beginning to get sort of annoyed and what not with P.

Yesterday, bless his heart, he did the Carrboro Classic Long Course Duathalon….Run, then Bike, then run again.


I was supposed to come and cheer him on, which I wanted to, but I had to work. Since I discovered the long course took him a little over hours, I was actualy pleased not to havebeen out on the course at various points for that long. He was not last….he was second to last.  Bless his heart.  I couldn't have even done it. 

We had dinner after I finished my shift at work. We went to Panzenella,a nice Italian place that has outoor patio seating. I had lovely scallops, and he had some sort of pork.  We had a nice bottle of wine.  It was very fun. 

Afterwards we walked about Carrboro a bit.  I showed him my old house, an then we went and looked in the wndows of various athletic shops. 

Today we have plans o go to a BBQ to benefit Special Olympics and feed the ducks again as we both really enjoy it. 

At this point, I am annoyed with the whole dating thing.  While I like P, I don't really like the way this is going, which is nowhere fast.  He's always up for doing something fun, and I do enjoy spending time with him.  BUT I also have my own life, and I feel a little like I'm wasting my time.      Perhaps I am expecting too much, but it seems to m if you keep going out with someone for over a month you need to make  decision about which way this is going to go.  I'm not thinking about anything major, I;m thinking about perhaps during all that time when we are walking about he might like to hold my hand.

So, I am thinking about cancelling the BBQ/ducks plan in favor of recovering from the wine and going for a workout, as well as working on some home improvements.  I suppose I am a bit crazy, I really do not have a millon options for romance t te moment, and P is really very fun, but….I think ifthis is the way things are then he gets to be my friend, but e doesn't get every single moment of my free time. 

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10 thoughts on “Dating some more…..

  1. Maybe if you flat out asked him how he feels that would help. Or tell him how you're feeling and see what his response is. Let him know that there's no pressure or whatever but that you would like to know what he's thinking as far as the two of you goes. I don't think that's an invalid question after a month of hanging out together.

  2. ok julio…
    here could be our first date…Walt Disney's tower of terror 13K.
    looks like fun, if a bit scary,
    I might have P in tow though…he can't run as fast as you , so he's automatically less sexy…;)

  3. 🙂 Well,given my broken fingers on the left hand…you just have to hold it, uh, very very gently. 😉 It sounds lke fun…but what about P? Hmmm. H'l just ave to start running faster. You realize you will finish waaaay ahead of me and have to wait around to cheer me in…:) currently I am "running" about an 11:05 mn mile. It fees lke fast walking, but yet its hard.

  4. I will wait around – like "go, go katie!" and then when you cross the finish line – I will put you in my shoulders and be like "way to go!!!" : )
    You know I am just been silly – that race will be fun thought. I live only 25 minutes from all the parks so that race, the race for the taste and the disney marathon are all good races for me.

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