Healthy Diet Coke?!?

So, I rewarded myself today with a diet coke….but I could not find a regular diet coke anywhere, so i grabbed this interestingly disturbing new product.  Diet Coke Plus… Apparently Coca Cola is attempting to get into the health concious market by adding vitamins to it's product. 

I looked at the label…not too many vitamins added….

Niacin, B6 and B12, Magnesium and Zinc.  thats all folks.

New label:


It tastes essentially like regular old Diet Coke, which is a good thing.  I suppose it isn't important, as the value of those nutrients is not much, but I somehow find the idea of inserting vitamins into junk food ridiculous. 

I drink Diet Coke as a treat, not as a regular thing, so I don't expect it to have vitamins/minerals…

I'll be curious to find out if it boosts sales….because frankly speaking….the stuff is bad for people….it is….and adding magnesium and vitamin B12 in minute amounts is not changing the fact that it's a product that really is junk food.

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7 thoughts on “Healthy Diet Coke?!?

  1. I agree- Things like Coke I only drink when eating out/ on vacation/ some other "exemption"… I eat a healthy diet and take supplements for my vitamins. I want my junk food to stay junk!Next thing you know there will be Snickers bars with added calcium and dietary fiber!

  2. Oh My goodness, didn;t you know…snickers now makes a 'fitness bar" to rival cliff bars and such. Its essentially a regular snickers. Most atheletes eat snickers and such anyway, if they want them. They are the only people who can afford to calorically!

  3. Andrew and I haven't had caffeine in quite some time. And we only drink carbonated things from time to time. It doesn't seem like healthy and Coke should be in the same sentence! Although I've seen a lot of products trying to appear healthy. I guess it's good that companies are realizing that people should be healthier. It's just too bad that the "healthy" stuff isn't always truly good for you.

  4. By the same token, there are lots of products labeled as "health food" that are nothing more than junk; e.g. granola bars and breakfast bars that are no better than candy bars.Coke should sell a brand of water called "diet Coke minus"! It's just like Coke but without all the bad stuff! 🙂

  5. I love it!! Diet coke minus…
    It's true granola bars are often very loaded with fat and sugar…It's a dangerous world out there, nutritionally speaking!

  6. This is definitely a trend… There is a line of sugar-free mints drops from Germany called IQ Elements that are fortified with essential vitamins and other nutrients… Each flavor has a different nutrient (Cherry Mint has Acerola vitamin C, Lemon-Green Tea Mint has real Green Tea extract and choline, the Pure Mint has Creatine, and the Orange Mint has Ginger extract)… I've tried them, and now I'm hooked… The problem is, they are hard to find. I've only seen them in NYC and DC in gourmet food markets… But it seems that the vitamins and sugar-free formula is catching on…

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