Virginia Half….should I??

I got an email fom P yesterday, encouraging me to sign up for the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Mary which is held over Labor Day weekend.  He has in mind that it would be a good training race for the OBX Marathon in November,plus with the bands and such it looks to be a fun weekend all around. 

P has already registered. I went to register and find myself afraid.  each time I register for a race this year some thing has happened.  For smaller, local events I have refused to register and am now planin on race day registration…I'll pay extra but at least I can't jinx myself.  But for the big ticket events, I need to pre rgister and plan for hotels and the like. 

I keep thinking I should go on and register, but..

then I think, well…its months away….

Arrrugh.  Should I bite the registration bullet?  Hmmm,the debate rages on. 

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6 thoughts on “Virginia Half….should I??

  1. Do it. I'm signing up for the Big Sur 1/2 on Friday. I want to do the San Jose Rock & Roll half, but I just don't know. But you should do it.
    Ironically, my girlfriend linked me to the OBX half the other day. Don't think I'll be making that trip this year.

  2. Sooner or later you're gonna sign up for a race and NOT get hurt, so why worry about jinxes now? I'd sign up and dare for calamity to strike, because when you finish the race you won't have to worry again. 🙂

  3. Just to add a comment, I still have not signed up yet. Nerves. I think I'll do the little overcroweded "boobie" 5K in June (Komen race for the cure) and see how that goes.

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