The Hand again

I went for the final follow up with my Hand Surgeon today.  It was a long appointment and a little alarming.  Initially the hand fellow (A new one, not my usual one…) came in and took a look at my hand.  I showed him the curve that didn't used to be in my ring finger.  He asked me to make several fists and took me to the fluro machine.  At that point, he declared that my ring finger was mal-rotated and that I needed to wait to see the real surgeon.  So I waited.  I knew malrotation meant more surgery, so I sort of started to panic.  Eventually they decided to send me for real x rays, which I went and did.   The x ray tech used to work as a tech in the ED, so he was very cheering.  So then I came back and waited….

Eventually the surgeon came in and explained that my finger is not malrotated.  It's angulated.  The angulation is probably caused by a pulling of a particular ligament that will eventually relax a bit, allowing my finger to straighten a bit more…though probably not perfectly straight.  He then asked me if he could take some photos of my hands, and told me he plans to use them as teaching examples of angulation vs mal-rotation.  I plan to rephoto my hands in 6 months to let him see how they look. 

He talked to me for a long time and did tell me that I was at a particularly difficult point in time. I've been "injured for a long time", now my hand sort of works, but its still stiff, sore and swollen….I just get to be patient.  He told me in 6 more months, my hand will be remarkably different…I have no idea, sooooo I need to trust him.  And I do.  I just hope he's right.

I get to go back to full duty tomorro at work, and I am concerned since I'm not really strong enough yet, but I can not take sitting out in the waiting room any more.  My Manager was happy to see me come off restrictions, so thats good news. 

My life is starting to get back to normal.  I still have a lot of trouble with the hand, and hours and hours of hand therapy, but….things are looking up…even with the crossed 3rd and 4th fingers.

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