When it rains….it pours.



Have you ever noticed that once your are somewhat involved with someone, all the others seem to fall out of the woodwork?

I hate when this happens.  One relationship is not at all solid, and all of a sudden, I have more invites from men I had previously been attached to. 

I am so totally confused,  Ahhhhh what to do, what to do.

It's nice to have options, but… it's also quite difficult.

There's such a debate ragin in my mind right now.  I've been praying and hoping God would give me an answer but I have a feeling he's going to le me muddle on through this as well….

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5 thoughts on “When it rains….it pours.

  1. Oooh Amanda, I am soooo sorry. thats torture. I've never liked that song.
    🙂 I've been debating the 2 guys in my head. I'll stick with P most likely, for a variety of reasons, but theres no harm in spending some time with J is there?

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