for those who have been following my romantical saga.  FINALLY, he kissed me….

Etc etc etc.

Must go to work, more details (not the lurid gory ones) later.

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14 thoughts on “Finally

  1. I had to go to work! I am finding my work life balance so out of whack…
    But to be honest, I have a TON to blog about and I just have not had time. Work life balance, very difficult.
    Plus, honestly, I am not so sure everyone wants to read the gory details..

  2. I definitely want to read the gory details! Please DO share! lol Was it a GOOD kiss? Can't wait to find out! I also need to say here that I told you so! HA! There, I got it out of my system!

  3. Amanda,
    I detailed the date in the next blog entry, but I am finding even with privacy controls, I sort of want to keep a lot of it to myself. Silly girl.

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