On Friday this week, P took me out to Merlion.  We discovered this resturaunt when we were at a Special olympics BBQ fundraiser.  I initially thought it was a French Resturaunt.  P, being a lot smarter than I at this moment told me he thought it was Singaporean.  Of course it was.  Originally P was planning on taking his Mother there when she comes to visit in May. The menu looked so good that I admit to actually being jealous of his Mom!  Surprisingly, on Thursday, he called and asked if I might like to go out and try the resturaunt. 

The Merlion is a symbol of Singapore.

  According to P.  the food was fairly authentic. He chatted up the waitress, who was married to the proprieter.  She is Korean, but had lived in Singapore for many years.  We had a "sampler platter"  and agreed the best thing was the Samosas. P was really proud to tell the waitress that I needed chop sticks also and that "She can handle them pretty well"  We moved on to the Prawn Mee Soup. It was not the best he'd ever had, but thats because he was used to Prawn Mee being a curry base soup and this was a broth base.  It was really pretty lovely.  We then had a dish whose name I can not remember, in typical asian fashion, it had noodles, bits of meat, and vegetables.  It was quite good. We saved room for dessert of course and had Sago Pudding, which was extremely well prepared, just sweet enough and very tasty.

Afterwards, the waitress showed us about and invited us to sit on the terrace for as long as we wanted.  It was a really fun time.  P said he felt like he was at home. 

I really do recommend this resturaunt.  It's some of an upscale and downscale place at the same time.  The decor is nice, maybe a bit flashy, and most of all the food is authentic, and tasty.  I think P's Mom will like it! 

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