Back at the Gym

I went back to the gym today.  It was actually quite fun. 

I ran for about 40 minutes, covering about 3.6 miles at an agonizing 11:40 pace.  In reality I suppose it was more of an 11 min mile, with a few breaks to walk.  Either way, I felt slow, but I did feel steady and had no problems respiratory wise, so thats a great improvement.  I did actually vary the elevation quite a bit more than usual, I figure if I'm going to use the TM, I need to do elevation… 

Post that I did some crunching (50), and the plank (1 set of 3), which has become difficult and less fun than before (Ever note how the fun stuff is only fun when you are good at it?) after that I could not motivate to do any weight training.  I am still unable to use my hand to lift weights, soooo, its all squats and quads and I just felt disgusted.

So, I used the ellipitical for 10 minutes…and then swam for 15….and went home.

I think its time to find a little  flat 5K to try out…without P. 

Each time I go it gets easier, I've identified that I have a tendency to not push enough, so, I'm working on that.  I tend to feel like nothing I do is going to matter, and I'll never be at my former fitness level.  Of course, this is patnetly untrue, but mindgames are hard to break.  Maybe trainer boy can help me later this week, or maybe someone here will have some good suggestions??

Maybe tomorro I can re-join the 4 mile club. this would be pretty cool.  Actually, I'd really like to be the 6 mile club, or the 12 mile club, but I'm going to keep it up and eventually I'll be going there. 

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4 thoughts on “Back at the Gym

  1. Glad to hear you had a fun gym session! Do you ever try doing intervals on the treadmill? Sometimes for me it helps to do a crazy fast pace – a pace I can only keep up for a minute or two before having to slow waaaaay down. It feels so good to run so fast – even though it doesn't last – that it helps me 1) enjoy that feeling, 2) train my legs to go that fast, and 3) motivate to push myself once in a while.

  2. Hang in there and keep at it! You'll get back to where you were soon enough. Trust me, I know. I think the 5K is a great idea – nothing like a fun race atmosphere to inspire you.

  3. Oh I'm SOOOOOO happy you're back at the gym! Now we can start losing virtual weight together again! hehehe Maybe I can even firm up via you! Seriously, you should know that you do inspire me to want to take better care of myself. I know this isn't about me though:) lol You SHOULD be proud of yourself for ding what all you're able to do still. I'm very proud of you for even WANTING to do what you just did! You go girl!

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