It’s taking me some time to catch up on my Blog.

So, today I’m writing about the date I went on on Saturday, which was definitely an interesting type of date.

P took me to a lovely art exhibit Temples and Tombs at the Raleigh Museum of Art on Saturday.  It displays pieces from the Egyptian collection of the British Museum.  P has a financial advisor person who arranges social outings for her clients in hopes of garnering new clients (She deftly inserted her card into my wallet before I left.).  So, she had arranged a tour and a nice brunch for us afterwards.

I must comment on the crowd.  We were all about the same age, but everyone was sooooo quiet and shy, it drove me nuts.  I’m shy, but not quiet, and I’ll talk to anyone about generic topics.

I was sort of pooh-poohing the whole tour guide idea, but as it turned out, I really enjoyed our Docent.  She was an older adult, who was very energetic and appeared to enjoy taking us around the collection.  She shared which pieces were her favorites as well as information that I didn’t previously know about Egypt.  One thing that interested me was that the stone statues were originally painted. I had always thought of them as polished stone, dignified and the like…but really they were richly painted.  Another thing that was interesting was that when each new ruler took over, they would attempt to wipe out the memory of the past ruler.  One way they did this was to knock off the nose and the cobra from the statues of the old rulers.  i had always thought that it was just a lot of careless moving…


Some of the pieces were really equisite, everything was interesting.  So we enjoyed ourselves a great deal.

We had brunch which was not so fun as people were not very outgoing.  P and I both tried to get a few conversations going, but it was near impossible.

After that, we went back to his place, He had started to do a clean up on my laptop on Friday night and had somehow made my computer non functional.  Literally, i would turn it on and in 3 minutes, it would shut itself off.

He worked on it, I napped on the couch.  Eventually the problem warrented a trip to Best buy for canned air and new ipod headphones.  We then went to REI to look at the Garmins….It was a bit like going from being on a very fancy artsy date, to being an old married couple with the big excitement of Best Buy on saturday!

Eventually P got the computer totally fixed and clean and decided to give me a massage, and from there…the evening ended up with us eating Chinese food in Kroger.  An odd place for an excellent Chinese resturaunt, but it was quite authentic.  The lady who runs it knows P and so chirped excitedly when he brought me in….asking if I liked the Chow Fun (As if I had never had Chow Fun before)….

So, it was a good day, he did finally kiss me and what not.  This week his Mom is coming so he can take her to Graceland for Mom’s day, and I’m a bit nervous, after all, I’m not Chinese, she may not approve.


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7 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Sounds like a fun date! I think it's great that you can go from touring a museum to hanging out and shopping. You must be comfortable around the other.

  2. Yes…sort of. P was born in Singapore, lived there for 5 years and came with is parents to Western Canada. So I tease him that he's a double foreigner, Chinese Canadian. His parents aren't very conventional Chinese either though, divorced, his mom lived for a while with her new husband exclusively on a Yacht…So we'll see what she thinks of me. It's a bit early to be meeting Mom, but shes in town for moms day, so… nervous. We're taking her to Merlion sometime this week…mmmm samosas.

  3. Wow, a lot of new little facts about this relationship at the same time! Like NYC, I hadn't picked up that P is Chinese either. And meeting mom and the first kiss in the same week?! Whew! I'm enjoying watching these dates play out. 🙂

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