brought me to tears…

Today was a historic day at the gym for me….


I made myself cry without the trainer at the gym today.


I can barely believe this.  In a way, I suppose it's a breakthrough, but I'm not particularly sure.


his morning, I had a good breakfast and a nice amount of coffee, and water and felt really ready to go to the gym.  A bonus this week is that I found a bunch of singlets on sale at Marshalls, and while they aren't top quality Nike or new balance, they are low end New Balance and Nike, so they are lots of fun to try out.

Today was NB day.  This singlet has pockets in the back like a bike jersey but smaller…big enough to hold GU and an Ipod though, so I am thinking it may become my racing shirt.  The shirt worked quite well, I, on the other hand….


I noted walking into the gym that I was feeling just the smallest bit sore in the hips and quads, and lower legs…essentially all over…I stretched a bit and put on my shoes, and ignored the lingering soreness.

I ran.  3.2 miles with some varying elevation.  I followed havybeaks suggestions of doing a few intervals.  I was shocked to find that the difference between 5.4 miles per hour and 5.7 was negligible, but bump it to 6.0 (a mere ten min mile) and I could barely keep on pace…6.5 and I was struggling.  I sopped at 3.2, apparently my password to the 4 mile club is still in the making.  I did feel better today again running, things seem to be coming back. 

Post run, I was feeling a little winded and tired.  So I stood on the wobble board.  I did wobble board squats while listening to the Grateful Dead's Lady with a Fan  i love this song, it may just be my favorite thing ever, it brings back lots of different memories, so I just let them sort of wash over me as I balanced.

After this Crunches.  About 50.  These were not good and I did not enjoy them.  I then forced myself to do the quad extensions.  i had about 25 pounds of weight on each leg, and it was just terrible. It was horrid.  I did it, but at the very end, was when the historic tear was shed.  I pretended it was sweat, but…I think the expression on my face was enough.  After all this, I just quit.  I was going to go swim, but I had timed it wrong.  The army of water aerobics ladies were doing basic training.  So I just went and got my hair cut. 

tomorro I have a training session.  My legs still hurt all over. 

P sent me an IM saying "Maybe you shouldn't go until you have to cry…"  but even through the IM, I could see he was sort of pleased that I'm working so hard… and he offerred me another leg massage, but I think we'll take a rain check, since his Mom is in town and i think she needs entertaining.

I am astounded that I could make myself cry.  I'm used to the feeling, as Trainer Boy does it to me occasionally.  But to myself… alone? 

Now, to conquer my sudden onset of hating the weights. and my adoration of food…and get back to it. 

and sleep….

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5 thoughts on “brought me to tears…

  1. You're quite serious about this running thing, aren't you?I'm amazed at the determination that you show and how much that you share. Once you set you mind to something it will happen, so just keep going and you'll get there. You rock!

  2. Hope you liked the intervals! I know what you mean about finding that critical speed above which fatigue seems nearly instant. Keep doing this every once in a while, and that "limit" speed will increase. Someday 6.0 will feel like 5.7 or 5.4!I read once about the skiier Bode Miller, who would train in the weight room until he barfed – that was his indication that he was working hard enough. I'd say crying is a little more practical!

  3. eeeew, after m 40 min of crunches 2 weeks ago, I'll skip that and stick to crying. I am probably trying to ramp it up too fast anyway. It's just very frustrating to be putting up these huge time numbers. but I keep telling myself, you got nutthin but time….

  4. its the type A in me….plsu, I think after two injury set backs, I'm actually seriously annoyed. I mean, there are races to be run, and I want to run them, not slothfully trot…

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