Photographic evidence

I finally charged up the batteries of my camera so I can now show you all the gorgeous job my surgeon did on my hand.  Of course I have no before piccies, and no during ones either, I just couldn't bear it or motivate to get anyone else to…


My right (normal) fist is flanked by my left hand.  You can see the slight bend in my ring finger, which really wasn't there before all this.  At the knuckles the dark spots are all thats left of the pin scar, I think its healed up well, all except for the fist which I wish were tighter…Its hard to hold thin things with that hand.

We measured my stregnth at hand therapy yesterday.  it's up to 27 pounds.  My right hand seems to only be at 31 pounds, so I am pretty pleased with the hand in general.  It's still quite stiff and its hard to tell from the photos, but its actually still swollen, who knew…the doc says the swelling can persist for up to about 6 months, but I am sure mine will be gone by then.  And it does sometimes hurt more than I'd wish. 

I'm not ready to close the book on the hand, but for now, its much improved over before. 

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6 thoughts on “Photographic evidence

  1. Thanks for the pictures of your hands. It's interesting to see them as hands tell a lot about a person and you've told us a lot about your hand (and yourself). I'm so glad that it's getting better.

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