Your neighbours might be too.

This is a post to promote the American National Association of Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive.  This year it's held on May 12th.  It's in ALL 50 states and us jurisdictions.  The Stamp Out Hunger campaign is one of the most successful food drives in the United States.  It's so easy to participate, and it comes at a great time.

For most people, you can just leave a bag of food at your mail box and your letter carrier will pick it up and it will be delivered to your local food bank. For those that have contract letter carriers, you may have to drop it off at your local Post Office.

Last year they collected 70 millions pounds!


This is a great time to donate for several reasons.  Firstly, most food banks are starting to get depleted from the Winter Holiday giving, thus those that regularly depend on food pantries are needing a restock.  Secondly, those children who are not in year round programs and depend on sponsered breakfast and lunch programs are now out of school.  Caregivers need to provide a lot more feeding than during the school year. 

It's utterly shameful that in the United States people are sufferring from hunger. In a nation where many of our health problems stem from obesity, it's just disgusting that many people are hungry, especially children.  Children in particular need decent nutrition for proper development.  While I have no children, this is still my problem as I want the children in my community to develop as properly as possible. 

   Now, what can you donate?  The typical things that food banks get are green beans, and canned soup.  Hungry people can't be choosy, but these donations bear some thinking.  It's summer, do you really want a hot steming bowl of Chicken Noodle?  How many meals of green beans do you eat a week?  Of course, vegetables and an occasional soup are yummy items….I try to donate things that aren't always given and either have a lot of bang for the buck nutritionally, or have a high "fun factor" Here's my list:



Peanut Butter/jelly

Noodle mixes (Suddenly salad pasta salads, or liptons side dishes). 

Spaghetti-o's (not the best, but kids love them…)

as for the Fun Factor:

Crackers like Ritz or Club.


Pop Tarts

coffee and hot chocolate mixes

chocolate syrup

relish/pickles/salad dressings   

Seasoning packets for meats


Mac and Cheese

pancake mix/syrup

canned pineapple

jello/pudding/brownie/muffin mixes.

  Lots of time we think only the Homeless are using the pantry, but in fact, a lot of working people with homes are using food assistance. so I try to keep in mind the tastes of children and adults.  I might think capers are cool, but they aren't a typical ingredient in many daily recipes, so I avoid those foods which might make a kid really say "Yuck!"   

I Hope all Americans will all consider joining me in leaving a bag of non-perishable goods for you letter carrier on May 12th.  You never know who it might help. 

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3 thoughts on “Hungry???

  1. Every time the Post Office promotes this I think to myself "Now's a good time to donate…don't forget!" and then I almost always forget to put it out on the designated day. ~sigh~
    I'm going to go write it on my refrigerator calendar right now. I know the calendar will get looked at…..Friday the 11th is my birthday then Sunday is not only Mother's Day, but my parent's 50th Anniversary.

  2. I'm so glad you posted this! I hadn't heard about it yet. It was also good of you to post the cool items that people would like to have. You're so right about the capers!
    I'm also glad you brought attention to the fact that food panties aren't only for the homeless. I don't think many people realize that working people also use these facilities. When I was a teenager and in my early 20's, I was raising a baby, working 2 jobs (to stay off welfare) and took some college courses. It was impossible for me to work anymore hours than I already was working but I still wasn't making ends meet. Between paying for the babysitter, rent, utilities and every other little thing, I couldn't afford to buy very many groceries. My daughter's father wasn't paying child support (court case was pending) and I just didn't have a means to provide a healthy diet all of the time for Amber and me. It's funny but because I was too proud to go on welfare, in a way, I was being punished. I couldn't get food stamps because I worked too much to qualify. I made something like $100 over the maximum amount that a family of 2 could make. That money the government said that I made went to pay for the babysitter! Thank God for Food Pantries. We were some of the working poor that they helped.
    That was a lot of years ago but I'll never forget how a Food Pantry helped us. Since then, I've tried to always head up the food pantry at church and organize food drives to benefit the local people. This is corny, I know, but anyone who knows me also knows that because of that time in my life, I've made the phrase from Scarlet in "Gone With The Wind" my own…… "As God is my wittness, I'll never go hungry again"… I try to see that no one else does either! Thanks so much for bringing awareness to this issue, Katiebell! (((hugs)))

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