jailed in the gym…


I had my trainer session today.  Since it was amusing, I'll blog it a little here.

we started with squats, first I was doing them with the swiss ball, but I made a dispariging comment about the ball, and suddenly, I had no ball, Trainer Boy was using the ball to do his squats and I had to put my hands over my head and do "prisoner squats" instead of the easier ones with the ball on the wall.


These are a lot harder.  Trainer then started to hassle me.  I can't quite rememberexactly what he said but it went something like this…"Oh yes, you wanted more…so now you are doing prisoner squats, how do you like it now….

pretty soon you'll be doing yard work on the 15-501, oh yes"

I found this amusing, and giggled and explained that I already do yard work on the 15-501 since my home is set just off the road….

He replied with "Yes, but now you are going to have me standing over you with a rifle.  having fun yet??"

I laughed, but I have to say the prisoner squats were hard.

We went on to try some stuff with the hand…what he termed "Baby Upper Body"  Some was hard, most was pretty easy.  A lot of what we are doing is actually getting the hand able to grip, rather than strengthening anything, because if I can't pull, lifting any weight is going to be hard hard hard.

After that, hack squat….regular squat (which just nearly killed me) and leg press…as well as calf raises with the leg press machine…feel the burn.

I tried to run after that.  made it 1.6 miles.  again the army of water aerobics ladies were using the pool. 

Oh Misery.  i am not feeling great about the gym.  I imagine after I lose the 10 pounds that I am enjoying, I might be doing a bit better. Trainer did ask about what I was eating.  Most is OK, except for the low cal ice cream sammies…he points out the nutritive value of the 150 cal sammies is about nil.  I then had to admit, I've been eating out a lot due to P.  Trainer Boy said, "Is he taking you to McDonalds?  (this is a joke because a few weeks ago, I was being astounded at how P takes me out to nice places, as an example, "Not McDonalds") Then he says, "Because if he's taking you to McDonald's I'm going to come and find him and and and…"  I said, well, it's a lot of Chinese food which should be expected.  He said why chinese?  and I'm saying, well, P is Chinese…then I have to go through the entire P was born in Singapore, immigrated to Canada at a young age, so he's very Canadian as well….Is it that strange for  white chick todate a Chinese guy??

I really am looking forward to the days at the gym that I used to adore returning, these days are hard,  I know they are worth it, but hard.  The half in September is hanging over my head.  I'm not feeling confident that my base can be up to about 30 MPW before then…. but hey…at least I'm not really in jail. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “jailed in the gym…

  1. I swear the more you post about going to the gym and getting into shape; the more I am motivated to want to do it, too. ^_^
    *must resist impulse to spend money I don't have*
    *must go outside and walk*
    *must do own situps and squats*

  2. Before I joined the gym, I ran outside, did situps at home, and also did a bunch of exersise tapes from the library and also on FITtv which if you get it is pretty cool….The gym itself is not needed, but I sure do love my trainer.

  3. "Is it that strange for white chick todate a Chinese guy??"This here white dude dated a Vietnamese girl who immigrated to Philadelphia at a very young age, and then married her… So no, I don't think what you're doing is strange. 🙂

  4. Awww, Thank you Havy…
    I think it's living in the South…people sort of raise eyebrows, then being politically correct, say nothing…but its different.

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