First run with the Garmin

So, I tried out the Garmin today.  I was dreading it, and as I discovered the dread was well founded. 

Initially, I had a difficult time just getting the Garmin ON.  The strap that came with it was defective and so for a while each time I put it on, it popped off.  Eventually I figured out the problem and cannibilized the strap hardware from the "big long" strap which I'll never need.  This took about an hour longer than I imagine, so I was a little frustrated with the whole thing. Not to mention the strap adjustment tool was very sharp and stabbed me in the thumb, drawing blood.  But, I got the strap adjusted and it fit fine.

I was going to run Bolin Creek, but then I was a bit unsure of where to park, and not wanting to be towed, I decided to just run from the gym and back.  This was almost the same route where I fell.  I was a little worried about having some sort of PTSD moment, but I ran twice over the fall spot, so I think i'm over that.

I ran 3.11 miles.  It took me 39 minutes…..which is incredibly long, even for me. I did stop and walk several times, which I hope accounts for the long time out.  The ground felt really hard on my legs, and the winds were gusting a bit and this was definitely a change from the treadmill!

   I was huffing and puffing the entire time and it really wasn't fun.  I'm still a little scared of falling, so I feel like I have to constantly scan the ground for any irregularities, but I suppose all runners do this.  I did have a moment at about 2.25 when my foot started to drag which is actually how I fell before. Instead of trying to push through that, i stopped and walked for a minute. 

I was unable to connect to the Garmin Training center.  I'm waiting for P to come home and help trouble shoot now because i spent an hour trouble shooting and I suspect it's a bit complicated… I was disappointed because i wanted to see the elevations and splits. 

Still, I was able to see that I still do not run at a consistent pace.  I bounced all over.  I surprised myself with my fastest pace being 9:30 mile…and I am wondering how long I sustained that and if it was on the downhill area somewhere.  I also enjoyed the virtual training partner. 

Overall,  I think i am going to realy like the Garmin as a motivational tool.  It helps me to see the numbers rolling up.

My next hope is to find somewhere soft and flat to run for a while.  Possibly The American Tabacco Trail  which is a very successful rails to trails project.  Problem with it is that it runs through some nasty Durham neighbourhoods…

Still.  Flat is good, soft is good and Garmin is good too!!!!

so, I have the Race for the Cure coming up.  I am hoping to be able to do it in say 35 minutes.  I'm no speed demon.

Editing to add…LadiesI also tried out the Patagonia Panties.  Normally I don't go on and on about Underwear, but this stuff is "The Bomb"  it worked great…I'm going to get about say a gajillion more pairs.  šŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “First run with the Garmin

  1. Glad to hear you conquered the fall spot. Ironically one of my coworkers fell during today's lunch run, tripping over a crack in the sidewalk, but he was OK. He's a former college football player and proudly explained to us that he knows how to fall.That was also smart to walk when your feet started dragging, not just to avoid falling but also because I've found that if I can't maintain my form at a given pace, I'm not doing myself much good and should slow down. It's easier to hurt yourself if you overextend.

  2. I was a little frustrated with the whole thing.
    I seem to remember one of our fellow 43Ters having lots of trouble with her Garmin. I hope you have better luck!

  3. the Garmin itself is now working well, it was more the hardware…and I hope P iwll deign to fix the training center. I am still astounded at how flipping slo I can be at times!

  4. the only thing more frustrating than malfunctioning technology is not being able to run. Glad the Garmin is working. Slow is good, it helps you build up a solid aerobic base (and allows you to look for crevasses in the road šŸ˜‰

  5. LOL very Funny HJW (You are now officially known by the initials of your loooong user name).
    I do need to look though, otherwise I may really hurt myself someday.

  6. Yay!It will be great to have all sorts of statistics as motivation and to keep track of your progress ever forward.We'll keep cheering for you too.

  7. ahh those Garmin dealies…always the bane of my runs. I have since given up playing with them and just gave it to my running partner. We run at pretty much the same pace so the data that matters (distance and time) is valid. Good to hear you made it past the traumatic spot. I always find that taking a moment to walk can give me a much bigger boost to run for a longer stretch then to try and push thru it. Good work, and keep up the runs. I love reading your posts (gives me some encouragement!).

  8. I don't totally know what OS you're running…but for me using the Garmin 305 was very easy. I had it setup in a matter of minutes. Though I don't really use it to look at elevations just to map distances, set workouts, and record speed. I just sync mine once a week though I probably should do it more often. I was running XP and I had no troubles installing it…sometime later this week I'm going to try installing it on Vista.

  9. i don't know what the problem is, when I connect the USB, it doesnt recognize it properly. or at all. BUt P, the computer whiz is coming back into town, I think I'll see what he can do, I hate to ask him, but something tells me he won't mind too much. I love it otherwise, I am looking forward to the elevation…
    Installing the actual software was a piece of cake. Just a prob when i connect it to the computer.
    Vista…the special program. I'm just running xp, I think. P just got done doing a special update…who knows.

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