1.6 miles produces pain.


I decided to go for a jog after work.  It was raining a bit, so the famous Garmin did not go along.  The dog was remarkably well behaved and jogged along quite happily.  I surprised myself by feeling pretty good on some of the run.  I still found the Ground hard…but it was easier than before. 

Since I didn't have the Garmin, i had to use Gmap Pedometer.  This is excellent, when one is just running along roads.  My whole run (which involved some stopping for the dog etc) lasted for 1.6 miles with of course some elevation, as it was my neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, as I got home, I felt an unfamliar twinge in my lower right leg.  Feels like I tweaked one part of my right leg Gastroc.  so now I have a matching pair of tweaks.  This concerns me more than it might normally as I've had so many wierd problems.  I am now awake at 1 am….talking a bit to P who is out of town, and icing my legs. 

I'm really not used ot the hard asphalt surface.  I suppose I need to gradually build up.  It's depressing to me, but I know its just the way things are. 

Tomorro, I want to try some real speed work intervals either 400m or 800m repeats on the mill.  Should be interesting…

i am sooo annoyed by this little new pain.  It makes me nervous for the upcoming races, but I think it's going to be fine fine…Hopefully I'll have a better report in the morning.

Now to get ready for tomorro…




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3 thoughts on “1.6 miles produces pain.

  1. i had a bunch of those come up during m'thon training last summer. for the first few weeks, with each new tweak i figured "aha. that's it. this is the wedge that will finally drive my training regiment apart and sideline me for the race." and yet, with regular runs and an eye on avoiding over-training, no single pain point ended up going chronic on me. i think it's, oh, 30% mental or so when it comes to some of these things. the more you obsess about a particular ailment, the more you subsconciously adjust your stride or gait, and in so doing you unnecessarily exacerbate the original injury. or so goes my cockamamy theory.

  2. I agree with your theory. I'm sure this is soreness coming from the new contact with the asphalt, so I've just got to gently ease myself into it. I've got my LSD run planned for trail running this weekend, as to avoid more Asphalt. but, I am trying not to think about it too much, and I'm trying to avoid the Overtraining at this point in time, because I am almost sure that that is what caused me to get so tired and fall…(leastaways that my excuse…sounds better than I just tripped out of the blue.:)

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