Turtley Speedwork and more trainer time.

So, after reading a few issues of Runners World and getting recommendations from havybeaks I decided it was time to really give speedwork a try.  I'm curious what my online coach Julio  will think of my slow turtle like attempts. ;)

 Prior to this, I had been so obsessed regarding mileage, that I never did anything even run.  I would occasionally pop up in speed, but that is not speedwork. 

So, today was my first attempt at this type of workout.  Phew!  Exhausting.  I didn't even do too much, as I'm still building base…but I did do some. 

I did 4 400's, essentially running .25 of a mile and then walking .25 and then running again.  It wasn't terrible, but it was not easy.  I only speeded up to a little bit above my goal pace for my upcoming Marathon, but since I can't actually run at my goal pace anymore (or so I thought) this seemed practical.

I thought a lot about Havy's graphs in his why run blog as I was doing this exersise.  I did find it interesting that even though the speed I chose was difficult to maintain, and I was definitely feeling a lactic acid burn and also a significant shortness of breath, I could maintain it.  I can actually see a faster time for the next 5k in my future….and a decent shot at finishing my Marathon in well under 5 hours.  I never ever want to run a 5 hour Marathon.  my Dad the 3:25 speed demon would have a field day, and I would feel unfufilled.


Post Running to try to relax I did the wobble board squats.  One set of ten.  It was fun.  I like the wobble board. I need to advance to the super wobbly wobble board, but its a lot less fun.


It was a training day as well.  I had done the speedwork experiment ahead of time, and I was feeling a bit nauseous.  So Trainer Boy and I did upepr body with low level weights.  We had a fairly pleasant day.  I revealed to him that indeed all the wheezing I had been doing for the last 3 sessions was probably allergy related, not Trainer related, which is what I thought before.  I'm only sure of this because this morning I wokeup wheezy and coughy and coughed for a good 10 minutes…He of couse says, "You know, I hear this ALL the time, but I never get tired of hearing it" (That he's right).  He made fun of the signs on the pool saying "Don't go in the pool" (They are renovating it) and so on and so forth.  I was absoloutely exhausted, I asked for permission to skip planks today and he said that was perfectly fine.  I suppose I looked tired.

I'm torn on whether to continue with a trainer at the gym, or to go with the local running coach.  I really like having someone at the gym who I can ask advice about and someone who will advance my weights and add in different little exersises….but then the idea of having a coach just for running seems very attractive too, especially given the sloppy running I've been doing.  We'll see…

I'm now off to take some allergy medication.  I am also wondering if maybe its time to grow up and ask for a script for Zyrtec, rather than taking over the counter cold medication for my increasing allergies.    

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4 thoughts on “Turtley Speedwork and more trainer time.

  1. What kind of wobble board did you get and where did you buy it? I am thinking of getting one to help me strengthen my ankle. I want to help build it up so I don't sprain it again.I would love to have a trainer. I am the kind of person who does better with a plan or someone telling me what to do. I grew up doing team sports, so there was always a coach involved.

  2. I use the one at the gym…but I don't think they help the ankles at all. Mostly I use my core to balance better…I use the trainer once a week, and it has helped me, for a while I called him my pretend paid boyfriend because he was so attentive andhelpful, once a week for cash….it is super helpful for me but I'm so slow, I can't really justify the money for a running coach, until there is something to coach right??

  3. Great workout! Yesterday I did the same thing, 8 laps of 400s alternating fast with slow and Beacon joined me."I can actually see a faster time for the next 5k in my future…"One aspect of speedwork that helps me is the confidence. When I run a fast 1/4-mile in the middle of a longer workout and survive, I start to wonder just how long I could hold that pace if I begin that fast. Conversely it can be humbling when you think of those world-class marathoners who run 1/4-mile splits – 104.8 of them in a row – faster than I can do one!

  4. Oh geez havy you would split it up into Marathon splits… My plan is to move it up to about 8-10 repeats and of course increase the speed each week by a few .1's
    My quads are nice and sore today, so I guess I id something right….

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