Duke Gardens.

My run today took me into The Sarah P. Duke Gardens.  I go out here often with P to feed the ducks, so I thought of it when I was trying to think of flatter, softer areas to run.

It is softer, but not really flatter.  Nothing in this area is really flat, I suppose.  I chose the Asiatic gardens to run through for the most part.  It was really interesting to run in this manner, as it’s impossible to keep a steady pace when going through certain parts of the gardens.  There are twigs, stones, and such on the paths, and the terrain varies from crushed fine gravel type stone, to regular driveway gravel, to dirt paths, asphalt, and lawn type grass.  So, I didn’t worry about my pace.

The Gardens, first envisioned in the 1930’s, are really a very special part of the Duke Campus.  There are 4 sections to them:  The original terrace gardens, the Asiatic section, the Native plants section, and the Sarah P Duke Gardens. In the middle is a man made lake which was originally going to have fountains, but thank goodness, it has ducks instead.  Here’s a map which links you  up to different parts of the Gardens.

I particularly like the “Asiatic” Gardens.  There are a wide variety of bamboo plants there, Japanese sculpture, trees from Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries.  But I’ll Say everything right now looks stunning.  The roses are in bloom and are actually so fragrant that I could smell them while huffing and puffing along.  SOme of the colours on the roses are really incredible.

Of course, I have no photos due to the fact that I was running by everything.  I noted the water lillies are blooming, and more ducks are out on the pond, so I am hoping that P wants to go back soon…to stroll.

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4 thoughts on “Duke Gardens.

  1. Yes, the garmin works great, It's getting my computer to recognize it that is the problem… I enjoy having it, I just wish my "running" were at a bit of a better level.

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