My Crazy Busy week….

So, I've had an intereting week.  I'm not exactly sure where to start.

Sunday the dog chewed through my power supply for my computer.  I can't post on vox using my mac for whatever reason…and my ibook is really old, so posting or managing email was difficult.  I couldn;t replace it till weds because of work.

Monday was hideous.  I worked 4 hours in psych holding and 8 in Paediatrics.  Peds turned out to be fine until we had a code which we couldn't revive.  It was such a beautiful baby.  The mother apparently has some degree of retardation and didn't realize for a long time that the child was not breathing….so we were all crying of course. It was quite a stressful experience.  I now feel guilty because I still slept well that night and have not been obsessed with thoughts of the child.  I think I saw a lot of children die in Africa so I'm more used to it than some.  I am curious about what the Medical Examiner report says and I'm disappointed.

Tuesday, I had to precept a new orientee in Paediatrics.  We started out with a bunch of adult patients.  As the day went on, I could see he wasn't picking up.  I had him when he precepted for adults, and he wasn't picking up then either.  So, I sort of ended up doing most of the work and trying not to explode with impatience.  I can not figure out how he passed nursing boards. 

Wednesday: I took the dog in to be neutered.  I went and had a long workout at the gym and then took the chewed part to Best Buy  in Durham.  Initially, I couldn't find a sales person  Amazingly, even with me holding the part in my hand the sales people just looked at it as if it was an alien piece.  I left.  I went to office max, and got a similar response.  I finally went to Radio Shack and found a salesman who sold me a hugely expensive adaptor.  I took it home and it didn't work.  So, I finally had to call in the Emergency Response Team.  P!  I wanted so much to solve my own little computer issue, but I finally just told him about it.  He looked up the product on line, and trouble shot it and finally told me to take the expensive thing back to Radio Shack, and order the actual part from  It was 40 dollars cheaper, even with overnight delivery.  So thats what I did.  Inbetween taking the radio shack device back and coming home, my water was accidently turned off by the company.  Apparently the previous homeowners had some non-payment issues….so since they still have not paid up, they shut off MY water. 

Thursday:  My poor Puppy developed a large scrotal hematoma post neutering, and had to have a penrose drain put in, so the vet is keeping him for a day or two…Apparently he is his scampy hyper self, but I'm sure that hurt.  Poor baby.  I call the water company they agree they should turn back on my water, but can't do it until Friday!!!  obviously the part arrived and is working, thanks to my escalation engineer.  I'm taking him to dinner and a movie in thanks tonight (really just an excuse since I have not seen him since he got back from Tennessee and I missed him. 

I'm exhausted.  There seems to be too much going on here. 

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4 thoughts on “My Crazy Busy week….

  1. Geeze girl! It all IS so exhausting! First of all, the baby who died… That's why I couldn't do your job but I can see how you'd get a little used to it happening especially after Africa. I'll bet you saw some horrible sights there!
    The water company can shut your water off and be mistaken but they can't turn it back on in a timely manner? Another reason I HATE utility companies (especially the ones who seem to have a monopoly on whatever utility you're dealing with at the time). How are you going to take a shower? Do they even care a little? No. Uggggghhhhhh so frustrating!
    I haven't been around for a while so I haven't kept up on the P situation. I didn't know that's it's been a while since you've seen him. The GOOD news is that you miss him! Sounds cozy! lol

  2. I feel a bit better when others validate my busi-ness. Sometimes I don't feel so busy and I think I'm just overwhelmed by stuff easier than others.
    P took his Mum on a trip for a week or two in Tennessee….then when he got back he had a gajillion things to do at work, but i just got back form a movie with him, so….

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