Slow running still counts.

Oh, I'm in a great deal on pain from exersise this week.  I've done almost all of my runs outside since getting the garmin.  It took me a while to figure out the pace thing, but I'm getting better.  I like the garmin, its very very encouraging when I want to quit I look at the little numbers turning round and I feel like trying for just one more tenth.

I did a huge "ass to the grass" squat session with trainer on Weds.  He corrcted my form, and then I did jumping lunges and thus I was incredibly sore today, both hips and knees. But because of my work schedule…I needed to get in a run. I was debating skipping it, but somehow almost unconciously I get dressed and went anyway.  It was an Ok run, but today I really hurt afterwards. 

I'm starting to doubt if I will ever really be able to run anything longer than a 5K.  I surely want to, but since transitioning from treadmill to regular ground, running has been less pleasant or fun.  It's only been a little while though, so it could get better.

I hope so because I have tons and tons of races coming up.  Specifically, the Race for the Cure.

Should anyone be interested in supporting the Race for the Cure – specifically my fundraising efforts- you can do so here  It's my first race since my hand injury so it's a big deal for me.  I'm at 40% of my goal….

I may take tomorro off, or do a treadmill…because of the pressure…I think my knees are hurting a bit much.



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7 thoughts on “Slow running still counts.

  1. You'll go beyond 5Ks, don't worry. Your legs have to get used to running on non-smooth terrain and that will take some time; similar things happen when road runners starting using the trails. You sure do exercise a lot! Does you body have time to recover, too?

  2. If I were to do what you do, I'd love to have a garman! It seems like it makes the pain seem more like a game to win or a tangible goal to achieve. I can see how you'd want to keep doing more and more. It sounds addicting!
    Believe it or not, I used to run cross country in high school so I know how difficult the different terrains can be to get used to, as havybeaks said. I know you'll get used to it though and soon:)

  3. sometimes my body doesn't have time to recover, especially when I mess up my work schedule and get 4 days in a row off…I think though, given how my knees feel tonight it will be an ellipitical day tomorro.

  4. I have seen it. I would like to run easy, but I need *some* speed.
    I'd trade you avon for Komen, except that I just got the Vetrinarian Bill, which was very very large!

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