Poor Puppy

Goodness me. My poor poor Teulu.  Rarely do I write about my poor puppy but today he gets an entire post.

Teulu is about 14 months old.  He's an inbred Goldren retriever.  Thus he has both stomach isues and also skin allergies, and an inability to be still.  As the vet says, he is always exuberant.  I've explained that she can call him over-active to me, I don't mind.  He is about 75 pounds of exuberance now, very handsome, but quite excitable.  He jumps when he plays on other dogs and people.  Usually the dogs don't mind it, but at his weight the people do (As they should).  inaddition, he has a special game he made up himself called "brick"


where he drags a brick and pushes it with his nose.  Then he begins to bark incessantly at the brick.  Brick has caused my neighbours to not like me so much…so I tend to try to remove the bricks from the area as much as I can.  On days when he only gets say 1.5 hours of exersise he wakes me up every two hours  at night…

Despite all of this, I am rather fond of him.  He is extraordinarily handsome.

Although I am sure he wouldn't win too many prizes at a competition.  Anyway.  I took Teulu in on Wednesday to have his Neuter.  We were thinking that reducing the testosterone available to him may calm his activity level slightly.  I know that Neutering is not a total answer, but I don't want him to reproduce, and it may be part of his extreme activity.

So, I dropped hyperactive boy off at the Vet Wednesday.  Wednesday evening Dr G. called and said that all was well with him and that I could pick him up on Thursday after 9:00am.  He did have a little staph infction in the skin, but that was going to be easily taken care of with amoxicillian.  At about 11:45 at night the phone rang, i figured it was P so I just kept sleeping.  Turns out it was the Vet.

Teulu had HUGE watermelon sized post operative swelling.  So.  He had to have some drains placed to drain out the blood.  Apparently there was a lot of blood and drainage.  The doctor very kindly said it would be best to keep him at the vets because the drainage is quite messy. 

Today Dr. G called and said she though it would be best to ablate part of his scrotum…I said, ok, whatever they thought was best.  She agreed to allow me to pick him up on Sunday as I work on Saturday…

This afternoon, I get a call from Dr. G again.  The Senior Vet got a bit worried about blood loss, so decided not to open the area today, and take a wait and see approach.  Now, they want to run a Complete blood Count to see if he'll support the surgery.   

Apparently he;s got a big compression wrap on and is in a padded cage.  They seem to be fond of him, so  I'm not worried.  Mostly now, I'm worried about the bill.  I wonder what kind of doggie he'll be when he finally comes home.  I feel a little bad I seem to have set him up for this traumatic experience.  I should have had him neutered earlier.

On the bright side. Dr. G says he looks fabulous, in great shape and not overweight.  She also feels that he is also over active, so it isn't just me who is overwhelmed by him.  When he recovers from all of that, I plan to take him to puppy class.  He knows his commands, but I want him to have experience meeting people…He seems to do fine not lungeing at  other dogs, but boy people….he loooves people.

I miss my dog!


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11 thoughts on “Poor Puppy

  1. Awe….poor little (or not so little as the case may be) puppy! I hope he is feeling better and the vet gets things under control. I bet he misses you, too.
    hee hee, my husband always says to wait until the dog has done something really bad, THEN take them to the vet for the spaying or neutering. He says they'll think twice before misbehaving again.
    I need to get Darcy's spaying scheduled before she comes into heat; she's six-seven months now.

  2. I love your puppy too! He really IS very handsome. I'm hoping that the vet will take pity on you but I not EXTREMELY hopeful, unfortuantely. I guess it's better to focus on his recovery cause focusing on the bill can be too depressing! lol
    btw… I love the "brick" story! I have neighbors that don't particularly like me either because my malamute howls like a wolf anytime he hears a train, cop, fire truck, coyotee (not sure if I sprelled that right). He basically howls anytime he gets the chance and at first everyone thinks it sounds so cool but when it happens at 2:30 a.m. well…. you know! lol

  3. Poor pup! I hope he gets better soon and can come home to you!! I love the brick story. Dogs are fun to get to know. They have their own little quirks just like people.

  4. Poor little guy! He sounds like such a cool dog, exuberance and all. He's so silly with those bricks – don't you ever wonder what he's thinking when he barks at a brick? Hopefully his recovery goes well!

  5. I do wonder all the time what he is thinkng when he is barking at the bricks. It looks like he thinks they will move.
    He's really happy to be home, though still a little mopy…I suppsoe thegreat big cone isn't really all that fun…

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