Running with the P.

So, for the first time ever, P. and I went running together.  He wanted to, I didn't because I KNEW it would be difficult.

Yesterday P ran The Franklin 5000, and I worked so I suppose he needed more exersise.  He finished in 29 minutes.

I would have taken 40. 

It's never that great of an idea to do a competitive activity with someone you are dating, but P. seemed hell-bent on having me run with him, so I decided to even though I knew it was going to be very hard.  I was going to try to do some hill traiing today, so he took me on a 5K run outside of his work…which had Hill, after hill, after hill.  It was really mind boggling, how many hills can be crammed into a tiny 5K.

It was 80 degrees, no shade.  And I was really struggling.  P was struggling to run at such a slow slow pace, and I kept telling him to please run ahead.  The Hills were killer.  He seemed used to them. of course, he has run this course a few times in his life.  Actually it is a great training course, so I'll want to use it again.  It's on his work campus, so I may actually run it on a few of his work days, so I can stop at their break room after where they stock up on all sorts of juice, drinks, water and treats!!

I finished with about 6 walk breaks…in 39 minutes.  OMG!  I might as well have walked the thing.  I would power up one hill, then down a steep angle and then voila, another hill.  The worst were over, and then there were "gentle" extended elevations. These seem to go on and on.  I started having trouble at about .4 miles.  It was hot hot hot and I just was so tired already.  I picked up after about 0.6 and things were OK at about 1.05  then the hills came, and they were horrid horrid horrid.  by 2.10 I felt a bit better.  By 2.5 I kept telling myself, Just a little more, and then you can eat dim sum (which we did).  I am so out of shape.  Most of the problem wasn't legs, it was respiratory….so my cardio is down down down, but it is coming up.

Now I'm pretty nervous.  I've got the race for the cure coming up…we're doing it together.  my only hope is that I will continue to be a better fundraiser than he.  I've actually increased my goal and we'll see if i make it.  One Doctor promised me if I was behind P on the day before the race, he'd push me over financially….:)  Here's my progress so far.  I'm been very surprised at who all my donors have been, other than my parents of course.

Well, with each run…I'm getting better, I think…. either that or I'm slowly dying… 😉

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2 thoughts on “Running with the P.

  1. I'm surprised I managed it at all. But it was a good workout. And now P KNOWS I can't do it. He thought before that I was sort of faking my inability. Now he knows!

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