Must be True Love, or….

So after the fateful bad run in the AM and Dim Sum, we realized that last night was going to be the 400th episode of the Simpsons.  So we planned an evening in.  P brought over indian food (yum yum, it was so good…) Including one of my favorites the Mango Lassie!  I also insisted eh bring over some laundry and get that done, so we had this romantical evening hunched in front of my TV, watching the simpsons and doing laundry.

Teulu had also come on home from the vet.  He looks fine and acts a little mopey, but over all is doing quite well.  He does still need the enormous E-collar (plastic cone) to keep from licking his wound, but…I can see he will be fine in a few days.  he was "sleeping" in the crate.


I suppose P felt bad for dragging me out on the tortourous 5K.  He said he was going to bring me a surprise. I thought about that and decided for sure it was going to be ginger candy.

No…. It was a wireless router.  He must have felt really bad.  It took forever to set up because there were some configuration problems.  It appears I've been on "Sledgehammers" wireless service accidently for a bit…people should realize when they name their wireless that it does show up on other peoples networks….Sledgehammer belongs to my neighbour who is a short, chubby balding man with a napoleonic complex…so it was a little funny. 

So….I suppose coming from a techie engineer, this gift means something?  Or was it a huge guilt complex.


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7 thoughts on “Must be True Love, or….

  1. I think that it would be a toss up between what would be better if I had to choose between ginger candy and a wireless router. But the wireless router is something that will last much longer than the ginger candy.Coming from a techie engineer I think that it means a lot. I don't think that it's guilt. Candy may be guilt, but a router means more (in a techie context).

  2. Sounds like a nice, relaxing evening. I think that the router in a way needed more thought behind it. Sure he's a techie engineer but he had to have thought that you could really use the router and wanted one. 😀

  3. Thanks to all. He did think about it…on monday the pup had chewed through all the wires and I spent a very long day trying to get the things replaced.
    The P. is so sweet, I'm not really sure what to think half the time.

  4. I can't comment on the router situation but I would like to put a vote
    in for a picture of the cute dog with the collar. Like baby pictures of
    one in the bathtub, these sorts of lifelong humilations of man and
    beast must be shared!

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