The update

I know its hard to believe I'm STILL in Hand rehab.  But, indeed I am.  I'll say I heard a lot about how hideously painful hand therapy was going to be, and it really wasn't too bad.  Unpleasant, but not like having bamboo shoots stuck under my fingernails.

Essentially my hand works ALMOST like it did before.  There's a few things I can't do.   I can not snap my fingers. I can't really hold some very thin silverware when I'm trying to wash it.  i have a difficult time untwisting small items, such as needles from syringes, which wouldn;t be a big deal excepting that I do it like, 50 times a day.

I still have some unusual sensations in the fingers when bending them, and they are very tight if I don't stretch.


Overall though, I am better.  I have to keep reminding myself how hard it was to do anything just a few weeks ago.

I hope I never have a similar accident.  Never, ever, ever, ever.


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7 thoughts on “The update

  1. I hope you Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER have another similar accident, as well.
    How much more hand therapy do you have? Will you be able to snap at a later time?

  2. Sounds like you're healing as fast as a professional athlete! I recently read about a Major League pitcher who broke a finger on a batted ball, had three pins inserted, and now won't be allowed to even pick up a baseball for three months! These guys are in good shape, get the best medical attention, can rehab full time, and he's still going to miss the season. I think you're doing just fine!

  3. This is true!!! When I was a child, I attended Interlochen Arts Academy and played the cello as my "childhood career" I continuously am thankful that it wasn't my "adult" carrer as well….

  4. Cool, you were at Interlochen in northern Michigan? I've been there (just to visit) and both my brothers were there for our high school's annual band camp. Some of my friends also attended a more sophisticated camp that they had to try out for. Nice setting up there, isn't it?

  5. I was….A lot of people don't realize that they have a regular academic Performing arts school there during the year. It was not the best academics, but it did give me the opportunity to perform at Alice Tully Hall and some fancy place in DC as well as a few other places.
    The uniforms were awful though! So awful that I remember once we were (the entire orchestra) on a bus going to the airport. They stopped at a reststop and some woman in the restroom was overheard saying "Oh look at the poor orphans!)

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