Happy Puppy.

I am so excited about Teulu that I thought I'd post a little update on him.

He is now doing very very well post neutering accident.  I finally took the plastic cone of indignity off of him this morning and he seems to be doing fine without it.  He also rolled on his back at one point today and I really felt bad…he has at leat 20 stitches, all absorbable, in his "area".  But its all healing well with no swelling, no infection at all.


But the change in his behavior is nothing short of amazing.  Teulu has always been extra-active.  I have had some days where I just did not know what to do with him.  I have a very large back yard, but, as he is a Golden Retriever, he wants to be with people all the time, so just letting him run in the yard wasn't really an option, he ended up playing brick and barking psychotically all the time, disturbing my neighbours quite a bit.  i was beginning to feel a bit like a failure.  Before Teulu there was Delilah a type A female Rottweiler Shepard Mix, then Eli, an adorable jack russel terrier who required tons of exersise, then Scooter my forever pal, a shaggy shelter dog who lived for forever… and they all were fine.  I had some initial problems with Delilah- she was my first dog as an adult, but with some help from the humane society where I adopted her, and many odebience classes, she turned out to be the best dog anyone could have. She died of Lymphosarcoma.  So, I really was getting concerned that Teulu was being such a butt-head at times.  Tons of people were giving me crazy advice (Put him in a harness, get him a shock collar, get him a puppy (ha!) etc etc etc)  And I knew they all thought I was just somehow misguided.  I've read all the books on dog training and psychology since I was about 10, so I was just flabbergasted by my sweet Golden Retriever's odd behavior.

Since the neutering and subsequent events, he has really calmed down.  He still likes to go for walks, and bark maniacally at bricks, and attempts to crawl in my lap at times.  He still jumps more than I'd like.  However, all of this has been reduced a great deal.  Teulu is now capable of being in the same room as I am, and laying down with or without a chewie.  Prior to this, he would hang out with me for about 30 minutes and then end up in the crate because I had to write out bills and he was attempting to crawl into my lap.  Now he will easily lay down with some direction. Goldens, like many larger dogs are a bit slow to mature, so i expect quite a bit of puppy behavior to keep happening (for example while I was showering today he decided to explore the trash can in the bathroom, something he hasn't done in forever).  But I love the fact that he can now self-regulate a bit.  His next step is to get used to P. 

I would like to say that I do not recommend neutering as a "behavior control measure".  Teulu was neutered because while he is a purebred, he is, in my opinion, inbred and doesn't need to reproduce.  (I still think he's a nifty fellow though!)   I did not expect him to change very much with the neutering.  If a dog has been poorly trained or is not geting enough exersise neutering will not correct this.  I have a tendency to blame things on myself, so I had expected his issues to continue in great detail and vividness.  Instead, I now have a decently behaved puppy who is still learning things and he's so much fun to be with. 

Yay Neutering.  Yay Teulu!   


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3 thoughts on “Happy Puppy.

  1. Yay for Teulu doing a lot better now. He needed some TLC at home. And neutering (and spaying) can be good for lots of reasons that benefit the animal and human owner(s). He's such a handsome boy. 😀

  2. It's great to see Teulu post surgery looking great, almost smiling! 🙂
    I'm glad he has you to care for him, enjoy him and love him.

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