job hunt update

the job hunt continues.


I sent off my resume etc yesterday and of course I am impatient and expected everything to fall into place in one to two days. 

Instead.  I got this email.

I will review your resume and will be in touch soon.


Thats all. It's not a bad thing, or a good thing, but I sure do wish it said any inkling of positivity.   My Manager said that was great, and that I just needed to wait for her to call him.  Well.  I'm feeling a lot of anxiety.  We'll see what happens.

I worked trauma today and I really found that I didn't want to be doing that any more.  It's hard work, Today I took care of a young girl who had a wreck and snapped her femur, an older man who had an air embolus at a different treatment center, a man who got stuck in a rotary blade, some sort of roll over accident, a woman who appeared to be having a stroke but was not, and a woman with some sort of abdominal problem which caused her to have no blood pressure, while I and the doctor were inserting a humongous catheter in that ladies neck all the while next door I heard the unmistakable noise of the defibrillator charging up.  Whomever was in the next trauma bay was coded and did eventually get to be pronounced dead. So that was my day.  I used to love this stuff, and overall it was not a bad day.  My patients did well, I was able to get things done that needed doing.  Nothing too insane happened.  Nothing blew up.  No one freaked out.  

Still, it would feel good if I felt confident about getting the new position. I HATE being in limbo.   

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3 thoughts on “job hunt update

  1. Ugh! Being in limbo sucks. I hate it myself. I like to know what's going on. I like to know where I stand. I like to be able to plan. Working in rescue has helped me have more patience and not so much of a need to have things settled "right now" since things are always changing. But I still have an impatient streak. I hope things are settled soon.

  2. Thanks Amanda,

    It's hard for me to wait….I do ok on certain things, but not usually jobs.
    I have gotten better, but not much. At least this weekend I'll be doing a lot of what you usually do…tkaing photos! (Of P. in his Duathalon) Also thinking about bringing the dog though I'm not sure how he will do with a minor crowd.

  3. Is that the Infection Control position below and is there any update? I guess if there was you would have blogged about it. Hope you and P have a good weekend!

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