Duathalon…?jealousy, and other meanderings.

So, I like a good girlfriend, got up at the crack of dawn to drive to the middle of nowhere to cheer on P. in his second duathalon…. a 3 mile run, 17 mile bike and 3 more miles running.  It was in the middle of nowhere NC.  I really mean nowhere. They also had a Triathalon going on at the same time, so it was rather an odd event with everyone seemingly running and swimming and biking all at the same time.

P. went down the night before and slept at a local motel.  I was going to go, but decided that I'd rather not put Teulu in the kennel so soon after his surgical adventures.  He's hanging in the backyard with me now acting very happy,chasing salamanders so I think I made the correct decision. 

So, right before the start happened, I arrived to see P. and his training buddy A. (A lady) get ready and take off.

P. Did Great on the first run 3 miles in 25 min.  A. was right behind him.  He took off on his mountain bike and slogged through the 17 miles, which did take him a long long time.  he was one of the stragglers, but he was looking good and pleased as he cruised into the second transition back to running. P. runs on the balls of his feet, so I always find watching him run amusing.  He always looks a little shall we say, wobbly?  A. had an unfortunate moment when she forgot the rules about transitioning, hopped on her bike, clipped in, and was told to get off the bike, and fell instead of getting off, but she sufferred only minor injuries thank goodness.  Anyway, he finished his run looking strong, with A right behind him by about 1 minute.  A. beat P in last weeks Franklin 5000 so this was nice that he got to finish in front of her this time.  However, there weren't many women in the Duathalon, so A. got 2nd place in her age group which was pretty cool!  It must have been her lucky day because she also won a pair of swim goggles in the raffle. 

     I had a great time cheering both of them on.  I did forget to get batteries for the camera so that was a wash. 😦

But all of a sudden A. got a bit distant.  It seems she and P signed up for all the same races this year, and P. has now signed me up for them all as well, and we are busy making all sorts of plans around them.  I'm always willing to include A because it's running and an afterparty, not anything too romantical.  But She was suddenly making comments about "I have to find someone to bring to the races"  P. didn't get it, but I did after a bit.   I have always assumed since P. knew A before he knew me that there was never any interest.  And there probably wasn't, until I showed up.  I hope she gets over it, because she's really fun and nice, and I do want to hang out with her more.  Maybe I can find somebody to set her up with….maybe, I'm not always so successful with that.

Next race is June 2nd.  Depending on how things go at work this week, I may or may not be at the race.  Then there's the Race for the Cure on June 9th.  Looking at how fast P. is getting, I'm feeling woefully inadequate.  One thing I wish I knew to do is to punch it like some people do for races.  I tend to just go and run my regular pace.  Well, we shall see.

I'm now going over to make lasagna, salad and italian bread for P and watch one of my favorite films, les choiristes or in English "The Chorus". 

This would be the perfect perfect day, if only I wasn't so frantic about the job situation.  I will always be able to find work, but finding work one really wants to do is such a golden opportunity.  Ah well, I do not expect ot hear anything until at the earliest, tuesday, so I'm going to try to enjoy the day regardless. It's hard to be patient for me, and especially because I know that if I don't get this job, i'm going to continue to apply for something different, so I'd rather just get it on, if I'm getting a rejection.    

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