Making a better running playlist.

I have been doing a lot of running without the ipod because it tends to bruise up my arm… Ihave the now extinct ipod mini, and I suppose its the strap, which is now extinct.  I'm eyeing a shuffle from apple for a hwile now, and will probably update when I am able to run 3 ten min miles consecutively without havng a coronary.

My trainer commented on how unusual my running mix was and he thinks it might actually be slowing me down, so I'm trying to find a new mix.

So far this is whats making the cut.

Golddigger by Kayne West (must "steal" from the P.)

gloria Gainer's "I will survive"

Move along by the All American Rejects

Buju Bantons  "CHampion"

Dracula  Bob Marley and the wailers

The Golden Road (Grateful Dead)

ABBA  Take a Chance on me

some percussion from the Kenyan Percussion Assembly

V'ulindela  by Brenda

tonight by the now defunct group benjamin.

and Pole Pole by the Safari Sound Band.


But you know guys there has to be more…. I don't particulary like those songs about "Lovely lady lumps" so I may be sol, but I'm hoping someone will suggest something bouncy, fun and with a nice dancey rhythm…


I'm adding my own I told you so at the end of this.  WIne with dinner and a late night…leads to poor training. 

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7 thoughts on “Making a better running playlist.

  1. Here are some songs I would recommend
    Ain't Nothing Wrong with that Robert Randolph and the Family Band – Good pounding beat
    Eye of the Tiger – from Rocky
    Bad Day – Daniel Powter
    Me against the world – 2pac

  2. Sorry you are having a bad day. :-(((
    Not sure if you'd like these but I like upbeat, sometimes quirky, often driving bass beat to my music when I run.
    The Power by Snap (Dance) ; Pump It Up by Danzel (Dance) ; Walk Into The Sun by Dirty Vegas (Electronic) ; Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen ; Steve McQueen (Sheryl Crow) ; SOS by Rihanna (R&B/Soul) ; I Like The Way You Move by either Backstage or Body Rockers ; Hippychick by Soho (Pop/Dance)
    BTW, I'm adding 'Ain't Nothing Wrong With That' to my mini ipod (thanks, Complexkiki) 🙂

  3. For what it's worth, here are a few ideas that might meet the "bouncy, fun, dancey" criteria:The interesting…Intergalactic – Beastie BoysReady to Go – RepublicaCantaloop (Flip Fantasia) – US3The embarassing… :)Mortal Kombat – soundtrack theme
    Cotton Eye Joe – Red Nex
    Move Any Mountain – Shamen

  4. I don't run much (yet … more on that later) but I do have a running mix for my 10-12 minute spurts of running during my workouts. When I started running, I literally looked at it as "just run the length of this song," so here are some of my never-fail tunes:The First – Tegan and SaraMass Romantic – the New PornographersPortions for Foxes – Rilo KileyInside Out – Eve 6 (yikes)Heart of Glass – BlondieWe Fit Right – Deirdre FlintJust Like Heaven – the CureSkin of Your Yellow Country Teeth – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

  5. hey. i can't recommend any particular music for ya but I run a lot and am always listening to music… first: the mp3 player can go in the pocket of your shorts!

    And secondly — got an extra half hour or an hour? Each day would
    be best. At least 2 or 3 or 4 times a week? Most people
    don't, i know, but call it Relaxational Research Time … sit down and
    listen to some music, any music, whatever ya fancy. if you can
    write then take some notes.. Song 1 — too slow. Song 2 —
    nice medium pace. Song 3 — don't care for it. Song 4 —
    really fast, might be good to help me finish a run. Etc.

    Something like that. Build yourself a list of songs that you'll enjoy running to/that'll help you run better.

    Ciao, Garciya later, happy running 🙂

  6. I had a mini then "upgraded" to the nano. I was just telling myself how I've loved the nano and it's been good to me. I use it at least 4x a week and it's SO light weight. I even bought one of those dorky running shirts that has a pocket for the nano. Love it.Then sadly, my nano grew legs of its own and ran away. It's gone. So sad. I've looked everywhere. Poof. Gone.So, do I buy a new one or revert back to my "working" Mini? It's pink. It's cute. I has the exact same itunes library. But it's SUCH a clunker. It's huge. I searched on line for a new arm band. I figured I'd give it a try and see how it does for me. If nothing else I'll buy a new's the arm band I ordered. I'm still waiting to get it. There aren't a whole lot of them out there to pick from!

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