running some more

So, I ran today.  I learned a few things during my run that I thought I'd blog about.

First thing I learned is that 10:00 am is a bit too late to run here in NC.  It was a nice morning about 63  (17 celcius) and I lazed around.  I had a training appointment at 11 am sooo I decided to go run at 10:00.

Well by ten it was about 80 (27 celcius).  I did wear the under Armour Coolgear, and I suppose it kept my legs relatively cool….but I also did something silly, I wore a sports bra, a running tank with a built in bra (lol they are flimsy), and a t shirt.  So I was actually a bit hot.  But it was no where near as bad as that last run with P.  I think it's time I got over my leg complex and bought some shorts.

Actually it turned out to be a fairly good run.  I ran longer without a walk break than I usually do, and was able to keep a decent pace.  And, I enjoyed myself a little.  I covered 3.6 miles.  I ran 3.11 and actually stopped still for a minute and then continued for the rest.  I especially enjoyed seeing a brilliantly colored bluebird as I tried to make it up a very un-steep hill at the Mile 1.6.  Another interesting sight was a woman walking her dog AND her cat along the path. Very strange. 

Afterwards, I had a trainer session, which was very difficult because I was tired.  B. is going away next week, and it will really bother me. Nothing has been said regarding his replacement, so I have fears! b and I compared hand injuries (he hurt himself playing handball and his 3rd left finger looks very bad, and has for a while now), He asked about my job situation, I moaned about that….moaned a bit about P. and did a ton of upper body.  I was glad to avoid the squats!

So now my only issue with the upcoming Race for the Cure. I would like to raise at least 5.00 more so I have an even number!!!  Race packets are available for pick up at the Cisco gym, by your Cisco buddy.  Since P and I are no longer an item, I am in a dither about picking up my race packet.  Turns out I get a Cisco t shirt too, which is pretty cool….I know P works for them, but a fresh new t shirt is ALWAYS nice. So I want it.  But do I email the team capitan or do I just get P to pick it up?  I don't want to email the capitan because i think it would be embarassing to P to have his personal life made a little public at work…I don't want to email P because I am annoyed by him, but what else is there to do. 

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6 thoughts on “running some more

  1. Yay!You're making progress running and that's great to hear.I'd pick up the t-shirt too, but I'm not sure how I would do it though.

  2. Yes, my running is improving. Speedwork tomorro…
    I have to get the race packet. My number and stuff is there. I think In a day or so I will email Peng and ask him to please pick it up and somehow get it to me.
    He's not a bad guy, and if he had just been honest that I am not his dream girl, we'd probably be pretty good buddies right now. And I probably should keep him in my friend circle, after all, he does fix my computer very well…(ahhh I am such a practical girl…)

  3. Sorry to hear about P. But you know what.. there is someone out there for you who wont try to KILL you doing hills. I too am a runner who likes to work out on their own and do things on their own and then either blog about it or talk about it with folks after the fact. The way I look at it is HIS LOSS!
    You could always email the team capt if you dont want to email Peng and you dont have to mention the whole P situation to the capt. "Hey, I prefer to handle my T shirt pick up myself because of my crazy schedule… etc.". Its none of their business.

    Thanks too by the way for the classes at Longwood. Wasnt aware they were avail!


  4. Rebecca, I used your great suggestion and mailed the capitan.(I thought it sheer genius) response.
    ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Soooo, it looks as if I will have to email the P man.

  5. Katie,

    Sorry to hear that the Captain is being more like a waterboy. Perhaps you can email P as to the fact that youve tried to keep this simple for the two of you etc and the Captain doesnt want to cooperate? I think if it were me Id take the approach that it was a shame that the Captain couldnt perform as a Captain after all. See how he responds to that. I mean give me a break, this guy has to what… give you your number and shirt? He's too weak to do that?? Id be pretty pissed off that this guy is making me jump through hoops for something that should be something so simple.

    Keep your running up and focus on that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. LOL….she did finally respond, but when I got there to pick it up….No packet, which I ranted about in a new entry. Now I am awaiting my shirts and my other stuff in the mail. P. is learning some good lessons today.

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