the single life….again

OK, so I wasn't dating P. for that long….but it was long enough for us to make a lot of plans together, so being single is a bit strange. 

I'm feeling good about being single, though I keep wondering if I'll ever have another date again.  I look young, but I'm not that young.  Most people my age already have 2-3 children etc etc…. I'm quite glad I am not raising children alone, not because thats a bad thing, but because I am sure it would be very difficult for me.

I do find it a little odd to not have someone to talk to on a daily basis.  My Yahoo!  instant messenger screen is now blank.  It's odd, not necessarily unpleasant or lonely, but definitely an unusual feeling. 

On top of that, I've still heard nothing from the job since the email.  I know no news is better news than the news of someone else getting the job.  I'm feeling fairly hopeless about getting the job however.  There's not too many things out there that interest me, so I am starting to feel a mild bit of pressure.  If I hear nothing by tomorro afternoon, I'll email my manager. I have this feeling that I am not in control of anything at this point. 



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8 thoughts on “the single life….again

  1. Oh no….I have a job. I'm a nurse. I will always have a job. It's the "new" job I want…. 36 hours a week you'll find me dodging bullets in an inner city emergency room, I'm not usually bored at work. Worried, but not bored!
    I probably should make myself clearer on these posts.

  2. I hate limbo. I'd rather have the bad news so I can go on and get over it as opposed to sitting around wondering and waiting. But that's the planner in me.
    I hope you get the new position. It's what you've wanted for so long. I really hope they pick you.

  3. yes… I'm with you. If it's bad news, then I can look around, theres several jobs for mobile imaging which could be less interesting, but doable. But I'm not wanting to apply for tons of jobs until I know if I have the new one or not…

  4. I look young, but I'm not that young.
    I identify with your statement and share your anxieties!
    My Yahoo! instant messenger screen is now blank.
    There's such immediacy to online communication. A break in that sort of connection hurts.
    I have this feeling that I am not in control of anything at this point.
    I'm sorry that you're having to face a lack of both connection and control…do you have close friends offline to whom you can turn?

  5. up early this morning!
    I should clarify. I only had P. on IM so for the screen to be blank isn't really that unusual. 🙂
    I do have friends both on and offline…
    right now, I'm very focused on the particular job I want, and getting out of trauma, and the fact that the hiring agent is somewhat less focused on interviewing and hiring me…well…it's just distressing!

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