Job Dilemma

I am in such a dither today regarding the job.  I would have thought for SURE today I would have gotten a request to interview, or a nay.  Nada.  At noon, I emailed my Manager to ask what was going on….perhaps the hiring mgr is out of town etc.  It hasn't even been one week, but pretty soon it will be, still being that it is a holiday week, I need to cut her some slack. But I just have to know. 

I definitely have other options.  One of the difficult things is that with most of the other options, i can not see myself continuing to do them for very long, so that seems unfair to do all the training, and then leave. 

It would be nice if there was some way I could get certification in Infection Control, and then apply for the job.  But it's a catch-22.  To qualify to take the exam to be certified in Infection Control, they want 2 years of work in Infection Control.  To get hired in Infection Control, it would seem that they would want the certification.  The job I have applied for does not actually require the certification, as the hospital is big enough to support several Infection Control Nurses (like about 7). 

My other clear option is to go back to travel nursing. I forgot about it as an option, but then I got an email from my old company today offerring several jobs in Oregon, which is a place I'd like to go back to for a while.  {erhaps it was a sign.

       Essentially, I pick up myself and the dog, get sent somewhere for 13 weeks…and work my behind off for about double the pay of my regular job. They pay for my apartment and living expenses.  At the end, I can go home, and pick up another assignment.  I did this when I first came back from Africa.  At small hospitals it was alright, at the one level one trauma center I went to it was a disaster.  I came back from traveling because I felt sort of tired of moving from place to place all the time, but things have changed slightly.

I now Own a home, so I do have an official residence I can come back to every thirteen weeks. One of my biggest problems was trying to pack everything up into my small car, now I really would only have to pack my clothes, the puppy and GO…much much easier. (Yes, you can take your pets with you…)  I can pretty much choose to stay at the smaller regional hospitals which tend to be less dangerous and exciting. If it's a nice place, I can usually extend the contract.    

So the Pros:  I can choose places and get to see more of the US, I get paid quite a bit, If I hate a place it's a short term committment, I don't have to get embroiled in the politics, I can take a long vacation at the end of a contract if I feel like it.  I'm more in control of my schedule….to an extent (If the contrat says all weekends, it is indeed all weekends.)

Cons: No job advancement, No ability to change specialties (as they hire travelers to come and work from day one…),

lots of night shift. th Benefits offerred by the travel company are always way more confusing, and hard to use (thinking mostly of insurance here, it's offerred but its confusing).  If I get hurt like I got hurt this year withthe broken fingers, I have no sick time to fall back on or anything like that, It would be especially difficult if hurt during a contract, because one can not miss work during a contract if one wants the completion bonus. 

Looking at this financially, it makes more sense to travel than ever.  But some part of me feels quite loyal to my current hospital, and I feel like the IC job has more long term do-ability


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7 thoughts on “Job Dilemma

  1. I wanted to say something. I think you are doing GREAT. You have created opportunity/decision-making for yourself WHILE employed, you have worked your ass off (like me I'm sure it's literal) while training hard and pushing yourself in ways you probably never imagined, you experimented on the dating front (did he ever kiss you lol) which is a very good thing to find out what you want…you are a bigtime success story! And you have an awesome dog! I would just get out your legal pad, and write the pros on the left and the cons on the right, and then list all of them regarding the stay or travel contract possibility. Then count up the pros and the cons. That's what a former NBA head coach taught me to do and who's to say if it really works, but it gives you some assurance in your own mind and helps organize your thinking. You can do anything!

  2. thank you. i feel distinctly like a failure. But I'm persevering, and at least I do have an In demand profession, gives me lots of interesting options.

  3. Gee, You should bottle that and I'd buy it. i'm feeling pretty bummed in general. so much has happened in the last 2 weeks, i feel a little drained. It will get better….At least I think it will…

  4. LOL, I forgto to tell you. Yes, he did kiss me. and now I can laugh about it, he's not a good kisser. It didn't really bother me, but it was a little strange. most of the men i date have figured out the kissing thing by now… but then again….maybe he's got it right and I don't.

  5. I knew it! You were so much happier before he kissed you, because he botched it big-time due to no Spin the Bottle practice in seventh grade. Get some new music, let that lead your new rush of happiness, and live large.

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