training woe….

Well WOE is probably too strong a word. 

I woke up today with both sore arms and sore quads, meaning that my upper body session from Tuesday with Trainer Boy was still with me, and that my speedwork session had affected the quads. 

when I got out of bed, I realized I am working again on some shin splints.  Since starting to run outside I have had more and more impact related aches and pains.  Nothing serious, but I always look at little aches and pains as harbingers of things to come.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I have also gained a pound, and since I have 10 to lose, this was not very welcome!!!  So I need to exersise.  The pool at my gym has been drained for 3 weeks, so no swimming (My hair thanks me)….

So, I think I'll have to do the ellipitical.

Dorky as it is…I want to run.  Not so much because I think I'll enjoy it.  I know I won't because right now my gastrocs (actualy not my actual shins) hurt when I walk…. But I want to download my run from the garmin, and look at all the little details, and see what my splits were and my times. I love numbers.  For me, going on how I feel is usually a mistake, so I learned a while back to always look at the numbers. 

Still, there is something to be said for restraint and also a lot to be said for not being injured.

So today….

ellipitical…..stationary bike…..erg rower…..Balance board….some weights…..

And maybe I can live vicariously through Julio who is having his first speedwork session with very fast ladies today. 

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2 thoughts on “training woe….

  1. It's too bad you can't do the kind of workout you'd like. But at least you have alternatives to keep you active while the little aches and pains heal.

  2. you are right….as always. I think probably one of your great characteristics is Level-headed ness??

    It wasn't a bad workout….but I do think running tomorro will be more fun….

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