4 miler

ahhhh, There's hope for me yet.  At least with the running.  I completed a 4 miler today which is the longest I've run outside in a long long time.  It's nice to finally have done that.

I also figured out the autolap feature on the Garmin!!!  Essentially it clicks in at whatever distance you choose and resets, all the while keeping time for the entire run.

I set it for a mile and at eash mile it bleeped at me so i knew exactly where I was.  I actually found this quite helpful.

My OVERALL pace was 12.10 mile.  I actually ran all my miles, except the last one faster than that however.  I ran 2 miles and then walked for 2 minutes,  i then ran the third and walked for about 0.02 miles and started to jog again.  i was getting pretty tired at this point, then I jogged up a small hill and was momentarily stopped by a traffic light.  It was sort of hard to get across the street. For 3 mi:  I was at  34 min.  Slow, but a definite improvement. I wish there was some way on the garmin to Plot Distance vs time, rather than time as a function of or distance as a function of…..I imagine someone knows how, but it isn't readily obvious to me.  the fourth mile was about a 13 min mile.  I did a bit of walking, and it "messed up" my pace…ah well.

At that point I was at 3.6 mi and feeling alright I knew I had to finish 4 no matter what.

Julio recently said to me that "Sometimes you have to keep going even though you think you are going to die and of course you don't die"  Well, i didn't feel close to death so I knew there wasn't an option to stop.

It's nice to see some improvement, even if I am still slower than I used to be.  Looking forward to the Race for the Cure next weekend.

After running, I rowed for 10 mins (One mile) on the ERG rower, and stretched and did some crunches, then hopped on the ellipitical for about 5 min more to do a 0.5 mk ellipitical event, so I feel like I had a decent workout today.

Now, I think it may be time for my traditional nap. 

No word on the Job.  Traveling may become a better option, as I know they need me.  we'll see. 

Ahhhh Money……jobs…..running……hmmmmm.  ANy Garmin advice??


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10 thoughts on “4 miler

  1. Good job! πŸ™‚ I've found with the Garmin that setting the Autolap for a mile like you did is great. Not only do you know the miles..but when you import the data to the PC it gives you the mile split times. So you know your pace per mile for each mile that you ran.

  2. "It's nice to see some improvement, even if I am still slower than I used to be."
    Since I'm a new neighbor I don't know. Are you referencing before you injured your hand? Or did you use to run and have had a long lay-off and now getting back to training once again? Or? This inquiring mind wants to know. πŸ™‚

  3. You may not be as fast as Andrew but you're faster than I am!! πŸ˜€ Hopefully running outside will get easier with some time. With so much in your life being topsy turvy maybe running will be a good outlet for you.

  4. Thank you for asking. I've had a wierd running year. Last year at this time I was sidelined by a stress fracture in my tibia. It got better. I was training for the Half in Atlanta, and then I fell and broke my fingers. I remember thinking. fingers, fine…I can run. Well, one surgery later…i realized I could not run, and I did not run for an entire month. I started back again in April and was severely deconditioned. Today was the first time in a long time that i felt a little more like my old self.

  5. Amanda, I think I'll never be as fast as Andrew!!! I do enjoy myself however.
    It is a great outlet. I'm usually no really able to think about anything except one foot in front of the other, so it empties my brain nicely. πŸ™‚

  6. I liked that quote, too. I think it's good to remember it once in a while and that's one reason I love having a network of running friends…fresh thinking.

  7. yes, you just hit one button that says "stop start" and a sign comes up saying "timer stopped" I was thinking of the Nike Plus, but I was put off by the need to calibrate to stride etc….
    I'm going to see if I can do 4-5 today. We'll see.

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