Decisions Decisions.

So, no word from the infection control job at this time.

I did get a rejection from one of the Research Coordinator positions I had applied for.  I was not surprised as I have no experience with that sort of thing and while it would be interesting, I probably wouldn't hire someone with no real experience either. 

So, after thinking about it for a bit, I called On Assignment.  I had recieved an email from them regarding open ED positions.  The recruiter called me back in about 15 minutes.  She was a little scattered as recruiters always seem to be.  But she instantly figured out how to help me.  There are a few positions open in Oregon.  Three in Medford, Oregon, one in Albany, Oregon and one in Redmond, Oregon.  I prefer Medford and Redmond to Albany, which is a bit of a backwater (apologies to any Albany residents, but I've been there.).

By the time I get reciprocity from the Oregon Board of Nursing It could be July….but the recruiter said she'd see about a temporary liscence. 

I lived in Oregon back in 1992, and I really liked it.  There is a lot of outdoor activities and the weather is temperate most of the time. 

She's sending me the checklist of everything and I will start faxing her the amazing amount of paperwork needed.Here's part of the list:

Skills Checklist

2 clinical references

ACLS certification

PALS certification

TNCC cerification

NC compact liscence (I can't find my hard one!!)

Pet info

I'm not sure I'll actually end up traveling again, but it looks likely.  In a way I am looking forward to it, i'm much better prepared than I was the last time. I know what I want.

the only thing that's going to be a bit wierd is the night shifts again.  I am not always a fan of night shift as I feel that I'm not relating well to the real world, but for a little while it's a possibility.

Post Oregon, I plan to go home for a week or two and then head somewhere Warm for the winter…

I think i can get my friend Patrick to look afer the house a bit.  I'm still unsure.  The ED's in 60 bed hospitals don't scare me….I work in an 800 bed facility…it's usually sort of fun, though the practices can be scurrilous, and sometimes the people can be a bit wierd.  Bu in general it can be lots of fun. 

We will see.  If the Oregon liscence thing doesn't work out, I might just go to a Compact State  so i don't have to hang about waiting.  I'm surprised at how many states are in the compact now.  It's really nice.NC implemented it form the beginning, so I am hopeful that someday we'll simply have a universal US liscence, it makes sense because we all take the same liscencing exam…

Well… I feel a bit more secure knowing that at the very least I can do something different. The only concern I would have would be access to a swimming pool….



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