More Job stuff

So, it's the weekend and I'm working AGAIN.  It hasn't been too bad.  But it hasn't been very good either.  So I did some more honing of my travel plans today.  I apologize, its a little boring, but well…it's whats up.

I was stopped for a moment when my really good friend and supervisor looked at me and asked "Do you really want to travel again?"  I'm not sure I do.  But we'll see.  No actual contract has been signed.

I printed off the form for Oregon Liscensure.  It was a killer.  Half way through I realized this was going to take a really really really really really really really really really really really really looooong time. 

So I thought about it a little longer and checked out the Compact.  The compact allows me to work on my NC liscence in a variety of other states (Not oregon.)  Here's all the states that honor the compact.


Back in 2000, It was only about 4 states.  Now, it's more than half of the US.  Pretty nifty!!!  Admittedly Iowa and Nebraska have never ranked up there with my travel ideals, but for thirteen weeks, just maybe. 

Right now there are jobs open in NC, MD, ID, ME, NH, TX, NE, WI,TN, and DE. 

So this could be very very easy. 

Faxed everything today.

I need to schedule an annual physician appointment before I change insurance, renew some of my certifications for free, and make some sort of move.


Of course, come Monday, the Infection Control position might pop into my lap.  It's difficult.  but….well…it isn't impossible.


Oddly, all I keep thinking….is  this silly thing.  "if I go to Nebraska, I won't have to run hills for 3 months!" 

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4 thoughts on “More Job stuff

  1. If you go to Texas you may be facing hurricanes and tornadoes! LOL
    Seriously. I hope you are happy with whatever it is that comes your way. Whether it is traveling or infection control. I like my own 'nest' and as much as I've moved in my life it would be hard for me to take on a job knowing that I'd be 'moving' every three months or so. heh, I'd become a home-body and never get out anywhere. I'd be too afraid of getting confused about where I was living and how to get from here to there. LOL!! I'd get a set way of getting from my apartment (or whatever) to work and I wouldn't stray, except to find the closest Wal~Mart and grocery store. But then, I'm a homebody.
    Good luck!

  2. Well, tropical storm Barry has been pummelling us all night long.
    It can be difficult in a new town, but usually the other staff are really helpful, and I always try to go to relatively small places.
    I have to admit, I got a little sad when I thought about not being able to see all my hummingbirds all summer….

  3. If it's for a short time and you feel adventurous then go. You are young and single and I can tell you from personal experience it's better to have done than to have not done at all. 🙂 There's going to come a time when you won't want to at all or your circumstances will be such it won't be feasible or possible. Live with the thought of wanting no regrets….. just my humble opinion.

  4. I'm probably going to do it again. It's the lure of money. It sounds very adventurous, but in reality, at least in my past experiences, essentially one works 48 hours a week, pulls in double what they would make at home…and then leaves.
    But I'll say, it was interesting before, and it can be interesting again, and it will be easier than what I am doing now, which is very dangerous and driving me nuts.
    My biggest motivator is that I can use the money to pad my very thin retirement account, and to "do things" to the house that it needs (like tree removal). On eof the nicest things about traveling before was that I was always able to save money away and when life's little surprises came up (plumbing accident etc) i was usually relieved to have the cash to get it repaired without using credit. And I do get to come home to my home. WHich i think is really really great.

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