Mo Miles

I think i am finally getting back to normalcy with running.  Yay me.

I ran 4.10 miles today with the Garmin. And for the first time, even at the end of the run, I was ahead of the virtual training partner.  Of course my training partner is set for 12 min miles, so I would hope to be ahead of him, but it isn't always the case.

I'm still realy slow compared to the running public, but I'm really heartened (is that a word??) by the progress I've made in a Month.

So My overall pace for 4.10 miles was 11:39   but again, as actuality would have it, I did run faster.  My first two miles were 11:08 exactly making me wonder if I should apply to be an 11:08 mile Pace Rabbit!!  At two miles I again stopped and walked, but only for one minute this time.  So I brought home a 35.10 5K which really is not that great.  It's better than where I was before though, so I am pleased.

My last two miles were slower, mostly due to the fact that I had stopped running and did some walking.  11:50 and 12;10. 

Still, this is faster than Friday.  It also felt a little bit better than Friday.

I really like using the Garmin.  It tells me so much information.  Heart rate throughout the run, pace, elevations, grade, percent of max eart rate, etc etc etc.  It's really a useful little gadget.  For example, it told me that when jogging along my heart rate eventually went all the way to 97% max and stayed there for about 15 min of the workout, which is a good workout for my heart!  WHile it isn't so small, it does innumerable training things, it's definitely with the cashola.



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5 thoughts on “Mo Miles

  1. yes…I sometimes mkae little graphs of this against that, and then I wonder why, its not like I'm going to analyze the grade vs elevation….
    but it is really fun.

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