Racing Packet pick up rant….

Sorry folks, I need to do this. 

So this afternoon Julio called to say Hi etc.   I was on my way out the door to pick up my race packet, so at the end of our chat he said "Good Luck getting your packet, email me and let me know how it went"  Which I though was a bit nice, but unnecessary.  I mean, I was just driving over to Cisco systems, a HUGE campus of 9ish buildings and the lady had already agreed to give me mine.

Well.  First I go to the wrong building.  So I have to drive about 4 more miles to find the right building.  Because of the way the company is I  would have to be badged in, so I call the nice lady A and she comes to the door, with a big list in her hand looking perplexed.  Seems P had already picked up my race packet. 

Oh was I annoyed at P.  I think steam came out of my ears.  I had to explain the entire situation to the poor Team Capitan who was appropriately sympathetic and nice.  I immediately called P and left him a message asking what he had done with the packet.

In about 10 minutes he called me back.  He seemed nervous, but I have to say I was beyond irritated.  I need to probably add in that I had driven about 30 min to ge the packet, and then stood outside the door in the 95% heat and the high humidity for another 15…and by now I was Hot, and Tired.  Apparently he mailed me the packet.  I have not recieved it.  I said thank you and goodbye and abruptly hung up.  Now, normally I am not this way post break up.  My Boyfriend in college and I still keep in touch with each other and I find him vaguely amusing. Other boyfriends from Africa etc also keep in touch.  But for some reason P. really made me angry and I just don't want to deal with him. 

So…I am awaiting the race packet.  I sure hope it does not arrive on Monday June 10th.  All I really need is the race number.

The mailing of the packet was fine, but why could he not have composd a short email stating that he did it?  Am I wrong to think that makes sense??? she thinks while twiddling her thumbs awaiting the mail carrier. 

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6 thoughts on “Racing Packet pick up rant….

  1. Oh, I had somehow completely missed the posts about breaking up! I'm so sorry! He really should have gotten word to you about what he'd done. How irritating!

  2. He should have offered you the common courtesy of letting you know what's going on. Driving 60 minutes (there and back) with gas prices the way they are is nothing to sneeze at.
    You have a right to be miffed.
    I know that my tolerance for heat is extremely low. I get very easily aggravated the warmer I get. Especially if I am doing something I would rather not be doing in the first place.
    I hope that the next time you 'have' to talk to P, it is under better conditions.

  3. I'd be annoyed at P too. If he was trying to be nice he could have told you or asked first if you wanted him to pick up the packet. I hope it arrives in the mail soon.

  4. I suppose you can try and think the best about P's intention. Maybe he thought he was being nice and helpful, and simply spaced telling you. But I would have been miffed also under the circumstances. He was being a little presumptious to take it upon himself to make it his business to get the packet to you. Definitely a short email letting you know and better yet asking if you'd like him to get it for you.
    If he's a nice guy he'll understand your irritation and apologize.

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