the final cut

As far job opportunities.

I talked ot my recruiter again yesterday. She disappointed me a bit, asking me if I would be interested in a job in Los Angeles, CA.  I don't have liscensure for California, and I don't want to go there, not even to visit!!!

So I paged through the contracts out there and here are the options I am considering.



Western Iowa

SouthWestern Wisconsin

Lewes, Delaware (Near Rehobeth beach..could be OK for a summer).

Today I fax some of my paperwork so she can actually start to put together an updated profile to submit to the hosptials.  I feel they would all take me with my experience level and certifications.

I will freely admit now that I am getting a little be interested in all this. 

I also have to speak with my Boss today to confirm it (and to get a copy of whatever I can out of my file. since I can't find my hard ACLS card).

Must also look on line and try to sign up for some renewal classes while they are still free….

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6 thoughts on “the final cut

  1. I can't even begin to imagine trying to run any distance in LA. The smog would kill your lungs in a matter of minutes. (We moved from Maine to So. CA when I was 12, my lung capacity dropped and I found I could no longer run and play w/o wheezing…I still have problems and have been out of CA for *many* years.)
    Best of luck in whatever you end up doing. Beach, hills, no hills….there will be something to deal with no matter where you go.

  2. I don't live that far away from Lewes, DE and let me tell you… the $ in Nursing is HUGE here. Lewes has a TON of things going on year round and is not just a "beach town". Although housing is pricey, there are a lot of places close by that are much cheaper than right in down town Lewes. Email me privately if you want the scoop on the med field here in Delaware. My Mom has been in the nursing field for 30 years here, her husband even longer and my sister for about 5 now.

  3. It seems like the sort of thing where anything you pick could probably be interesting since it's just for 13 weeks. I guess if it really sucks, that's a long time, but having a definite end date would make most things bearable in a "sociology experiment" kind of way.

  4. May or may not end up in DE….the scene is similar to everywhere right now…I have to say sometimes I feel like I get "Mad Money" for very little work, but….

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