Jobs jobs jobs

Well, after being a bit frustrated with ON Assignment and their apparent problem with my Pooch….

I mean, who could not love and adore this fellow?

he's not like

This Dog….

I spoke with some of my friends who are currently traveling with their dogs.

I got a referral to SunBelt.  I called today and had an excellent chat with my friend's recruiter.  She immediately suggested a small Critical Access Hospital in New Hampshire for the summer.  While discussing things with me, she emailed the hospital about the job, and they responded enthusiastically.  So, I right away faxed some stuff to her, and we shall see.  She was much more attentive to my interests and needs, so I'll probably be sticking with them for the most part.  She also seemed more honest.  She was not bubbly or enthusiastic, which I would have preferred, but considering how bubbly and enthusiastic I can be, I probably would work better with a recruiter who is very level headed.

After that I used the Runner's World Race Finder to look up races to run in New Hampshire.  I was happily surprised to see several, and several longer than 5K, which is good inspiration for me.  It's also close enough that I could head over to Canada, or Connecticut or Maine on days off. 

I discovered to be eligible for rehire here I need to give a full Month's notice, so I'll be here in the Triangle until at least July 6th.  This does give me time to do the July 4 race I wanted to do, and a little more time to sort of organize myself.

I'm feeling a little better about the traveling, and just a bit frustrated that I'll be stuck at the hospital for that much longer.  On a bright note, Each day I work I earn vacation pay.  All the Vacation Pay will be paid out to me upon leaving, and currently I have accrued about 1 month work of pay, so not too shabby for a "parting gift". 

So, I suppose things are looking up.  Until a contract is signed, I'm still not doing too too well….

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8 thoughts on “Jobs jobs jobs

  1. Maybe they heard about the brick game and got worried. 😉 Seriously though, it's too bad that they have dog requirements. If they think bigger dogs are more destructive or something they're wrong. Good luck with things falling into place with your lead. I hope you're able to get a signed contract soon.

  2. I lived in NH once upon a year or three! I went back and visited a few years back. It was great seeing the house I lived in and visiting with an old neighbor. The school I went to had grown a bit and is no longer small enough to have 1st-6th grades in just two classrooms. NH was fun. I'd go back.

  3. Yes, I wondered about Brick as well. LOL. the dog restrictions are pretty unusual, but I think what was going on was the recruiter wasn't very interested in me. SO, voila new recruiter.

  4. hee hee…uhm….I guess it would depend on what part of NH you were in. If you're in the mountains I'm sure that would not be unreasonable. Probably unusual, but not unexpected. We were fairly close to the coast and I was 9 when we left and moved to Maine. (It was less than a 50 mile move, just across the state line practically.) I don't remember when we'd get snow…but we always had a white Christmas. (Left Maine for California when I was 12….and haven't seen a decent snow storm since. ~sigh~)

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