I need to make an attempt to have a real, organized post soon.  Perhaps today I can do the jogbra reviews.

but for now, I am typing my journal style entry to update all of my current messy life.

Job Update:

I thought for 30 minutes straight about the opportunities in New Hampshire today while I was on the ellipitical.  I decided to go ahead and take the position.  It's in an interesting location, the pay is appropriate for the job, and its nice to be done wondering about this contract.

So come July 6th I'll be headed to New England for the Summer, where I hope to have several adventures.  Currently i am looking up races in my area to allow myself to revise my summer running schedule.


I do the Race for the Cure tomorro.   I ended up raising 320.00 USD for the cause.  I'm sort of neutral to the cause, so I am pleased as punch to have raised this much with very little effort.  I was thrilled to find out that not only does Komen fund research, but it also assists poor women to obtain screening and treatment, so I feel like thats really "worth it"

I hope to finish in about 35 min.  It's a little hilly, and the forcast is for intense heat. 

The weekend after this I am running a flat 5K in Raleigh.  I am hoping for a better time because it is flat, and also because it is earlier in the morning, so it will be cooler. 

I'm really happy about this, I hope I can be injury free.

The Hand:

I was officially discharged from Hand therapy today.  Yipee!  My fingers are not like they used to, they ache and hurt at times when it is most inconvienient.  My left hand can grip 35 pounds max, while the right does 59-60 pounds.  But all in all, I feel like its working.  I am very very happy to be discharged.  That was a long and very unpleasant experience. 


not too much to "report" at this time.  Just all in a hurry to get the house clean. 

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One thought on “Updates

  1. Congrats on the job! That's actually not too far from me. There's the Adirondack marathon and half marathon in September. I haven't done it, but friends who have say it's a really great race and beautiful course. It's around Schroon Lake.Good luck in the Race tomorrow!

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