hyper, hot dog….

Lest anyone feel that their puppy is singlehandedly got all the unusual behavior (I’m thinking of I love Eyore here)…

Teulu today had a special, somewhat dangerous moment, which was my fault.  😦

I ran early this morning and was gone for about 2 hours.  When I came home I found he had obtained a new bag of Kona coffee, slit it open and attempted to consume it. I must have left it in the bag from the store on the floor last night.  Of course one pound of coffee…make anyone ill, and it had made him vomit (all over my nice beige carpeting).  Caffiene is not so good for dogs.  SO I called the vet who advised just watching him. So of course he is quite a bit more active and panting like crazy this afternoon.  Doesn’t seem worse for wear, ut I really do need to be more careful about not putting stuff away right away.

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7 thoughts on “hyper, hot dog….

  1. Yikes! I hope that Teulu recovers without needing to go to the vet. Our dogs are good about leaving things on counters, even treats for them. But we've had our share of foster dogs that we've had to be mindful of.

  2. Oh no! I hope he's feeling better and does not need a trip to the vet. I bet he skips his usual afternoon nap. But I bet he will crash hard tonight. Poor puppy.
    Yesterday we let Darcy run loose while we did five minutes worth of 'stuff' outside. She proceeded to find a dead squirrel tail AND the dead bird carcass that I had tossed into the woods last week. yulk!! She dropped the squirrel tail rather quickly and she dropped the bird carcass, but not before part of it broke off in her mouth. I could not get her to drop it. So, she spent the next several hours outside on the chain while we waited to see if the 'dead' made her sick. She also discovered that she is now big enough that she can just reach right into the garbage can…I found that out after I had to pick up the discarded canteloupe that she had chewed on and left all over the kitchen floor. (Note to self: keep lid on the kitchen trash can.) She can also reach the edge of the kitchen counter by strrreeetttccchhhinnnggg her neck. Fun, so far she hasn't taken anything off of the counter, and she may not…but she sure does sniff and snuff.

  3. I know this is an old post, and it looks like Teulu the semi-wonder dog
    is long over his caffeine buzz, but I just have to say he has excellent
    taste in coffee. Kona is one of the finest….

  4. LOL. He is much better, but he has had a few more exciting adventures with caffiene since…mostly with powergels that he somehow got out of a gym back and then sucked the gooey contents out…..He's improving, Much better than when I wrote this!

  5. Oh no — poor Teulu! Sometimes dogs can’t help themselves. Penny’s never been a counter surfer (thank God) but we’re hosting another dog this week and have been trying to be extra careful about doing a recon before we leave in the morning.

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