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Well, earlier in the year, I searched high and low for the ultimate sports bra for the big busted woman.  It's been a long search but I think I finally came up with one, and there are a few I'd love to try that I haven't ecause the ones I have are working fine.

First of all, a little information about me.  I wear a very unusual brassiere size.  I wear a 30 D.  The D is the cup size and the 30 is the amount of inches measured around my actual chest (minus the breasts of course!).  So, finding this size is pretty difficult.  

I have worn many many pull over the head type bras and found that unless I wore it, and the shelf bra provided in most tank tops and a very tightly fitting tank, things could get very uncomfortable. 

I actually tested out probably about 20 different bras, most of which were very unsuitable for sports activity.  Luckily more people are recognizing that not all women who play sports are teeny tiny and I have found some really good bras out on the market.

My favorite is a bra made by moving comfort.  It is called the Fiona Bra.  It pretty simple but it has several features that I think are really nice.


The things that I like about the bra is that it is fairly lightweight for a very heavy duty bra.  The band at the bottom of the bra is made out of some material that feels like brushed cotton, so it is comfortable to wear.  There are 3 hooks in the back, rather than 2, which makes it more secure.  The straps can be adjusted with velcro. At first i envisioned the velcro constantly ripping open but that has not happened ever. It does give me a bit of a flat chested look which I actually like, but some people do not.  Because it is a real bra, it doesn't give the "uniboob" look that the pull over the head sports bras can, but it also does not "lift and define" either. 

This bra seems to retail at about 46.00 in my area so it isn't inexpensive.  It does hold up to frequent washing well.  I have never put it in the dryer, as I hear the dryer is bad for elastics. 


Some people have said they dislike that they can not wear this as a "top" like people do withthe pull on sports bras.  This is true, but I venture out to say that they cover enough, it's just that they look more like a bra than a cute top….

but it does get the job done. 

Moving comfort also makes several other models, each seems to be designed for a specific bust size in mind.  I like the company, they seem to have women really in mind.

The second Bra I am reviewing is a little less expensive.



It is made by Champion and it termed the Active comfort bra (or something like that).  It is very very similar to the Moving Comfort bra.

The straps are adjustable by velcro and the back closure is three eye hooks.  One nice feature is that it includes a "tail" on the end of the strap which then snaps into place.  This helps reduce wear and tear at the pressure point.  This bra has little gathers at the bottom of each cup, supposedly to avoid the dreaded "uniboob" look (which actually looks ok to me…I mean you are running or playing B ball…) Like the Fiona bra, it really does give one a flatter chest appearance, btu again it doesn't really "lift and seperate"   While the Champion bra looks exactly like the Fiona, it has not held up quite as well.  SOme of the stitching is starting to come out, and it doesn't seem to wick away moisture as efficiently. This bra retails for aout 36.00 and it really is a nice bra.

My Third Bra is my least favorite.  But it's well known as Oprah's favorite.  The Enell Bra. 

i got the Enell for free to test out for Fleet Feet of Carrboro.  I like it, but I notice I rarely wear it.  This bra is more like a vest.  the back of the bra covers almost yur entire back, which I am sure allows for beter support.  The front closes with TEN hooks and eyes.  When I had my hand surgery, I did not even think about this bra!!  The straps are not at all adjustable.  when I wear this bra, I feel like I'm wearing another vest/shirt.  The bra does control etra movement, and possily because of the hook and eye, it does seem to "lift and seperate"  The band around my chest though is sometimes so restrictive that I have trouble breathing.  So, Enell, Oprah's favorite.  Not mine. I got a black one and I always feel like some sort of biker chic in it so that could be the problem. 


The Enell bra works well, and  controls bounce and movement.  Unfortunately the back panel (the vest) is very difficult to wear because its easy to get hot and sweat.

The Enell retails for an outrageous 78.00 US.  So, I would never buy one, but getting it for free made it ok just this once!!! 




If I ever run out of the Bras given to me by Fleet Feet (love them), I want to try out  one made by Nike. The Revolutionary Bra they call it.  At 70.00 retail, well….I'll be waiting for Fleet Feet to tell me they have the one that won't fit anyone, and would I take it, wear it and let them know how it feels…. 

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8 thoughts on “Sports bras review

  1. Thanks, Katie! I need a new sports bra or two, but everyone I buy just doesn't seem to fit my needs like the one I have that is about worn out. They don't seem as supportive as my favorite. But, my favorite is only that by default. My main problem with my 'favorite' is the elastic band around the chest. Maybe it's too small, but it is very uncomfortable (but doesn't feel like I'm being squished) as it seems to trap and hold moisture. After I wear any of my sports bras, the rash under my left boob (which is where I experienced Shingles) always get aggravated, irritated and itchy.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I really need to get to a store to try on the Fiona. I like the look of it and it seems like it would be a good fit for me based on your description.

  3. While obviously I can't make much use of this particular product, I think you did a great job with the review! Very well written. I even learned new vocabulary: "uniboob" – hadn't heard that one before. Amanda is laughing at me for not knowing. 🙂

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fiona bra. I'm about to order two more. I'm a 36/38 DD (depending on the brand) and it's hard to find bra's in my size as well. So I can totally empathise.
    I have the Enell (I didn't spend $78) and it just sits in my drawer, it's TOO much. Maybe if my boobs continue to stay the same cup size while my band size shrinks (damn breasts, hate the *$@&er's) which seems to be a common trend it will be okay. But I totally agree about the lack of "breathability."
    Champion isn't typically at the top of my list due to the *STINK* factor. For whatever reason, they don't shed the odor like Moving Comfort and other bras. After a while they just start to S-T-I-N-K and no amount of Oxyclean added to the wash seems to help, at least for me.
    I've been wanting to try out this one, but my "supplier" Title 9 Sports seems to be always out of it (that's a rant I'll omit here).
    Well written post!

  5. Bra brand based on price I purchased these two games, and product description. The runner is a very uncomfortable bra. Chafe seams and it "does not wick away moisture." Slow shipping not help my opinion either. It is less active efforts for a good bra.eve online 60 days time card

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