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OMG yet another post about body image.  But this one…has photos! 

I recently had conversation with another voxer….this person started to try to guess my weight and I got very wiggy.  So instead of telling the weight i took a series of full length photos.  Unfortunately I discovered when the photos downloaded sideways they looked like me, when i flipped them up, they sort of seemed to squash me down into a circus mirror, so it is a bit confusing.  Maybe ozp961tk  or Amanda can explain why that phenomena occurs! 

So…as anyone can plainly see…i'm not so small, but i'm not so huge either.


Holly june 2007 002Holly june 2007 003Holly june 2007 004Holly june 2007 005Holly june 2007 006


but I do find it strange that when oriented the way the shot was taken (sideways), I think I look different.

Oh yes, and I'm wearing the nice St Francis of Assisi shirt from the race…and my ua tights. 

and that is my uber clean bathroom, waiting on my sisters family to swoop down on it.


So I've got about 7-8 (depending on the day) of injury pounds to lose. after that I'd like to convert 5 lbs into muscle and see how fast I can go….I worry that I seem to be on a never ending quest to lose 2 more pounds etc and I'm not sure if that will change.

OK so, it took courage to psot anything showing my "womanly hips" so I'm going to post this now and get it over with!!   

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12 thoughts on “body image

  1. I don't think you look bad at all. But I know, especially women, tend to think they look "worse" than they really do even to others. Lossless rotation occurs when you flip a .jpg image in most programs. You lose image quality (resolution).

  2. Thank you. Honestly, I think I look fine, but I'm not accustomed to being this size….I miss my old body! Plus it was a little shocking when i flipped the photos and suddenly things seems to shift dramatically!!!

  3. Holly, I don't know what your old body looked like. Have you gained weight? I think you're lookin' good and I'm with Amanda. We are our own worst critic. I feel much better about myself when I am say 10 lbs over the weight I want to be when I am regularly working out than being the same weight and not working out. Make sense?

  4. Rotating the image shouldn't change the aspect ratio, i.e. "squeeze" or "stretch" the image… My guess is that in the first three you're closer to the mirror and the camera is near head level, so the point of view is looking down at the mirror making your feet seem farther away than your torso. This effect is exacerbated by the perceived distance being twice the actual distance, so the angle appears more severe than it would seem.In the last two images you're farther back, so the relative angle between your body's center and the camera's point of view is smaller so there's less distortion.Either way, I think you look great. I love the pose in the 005 image! Amanda often stands like that with those perpendicular feet.

  5. I totally agree with this. I'm one of those people where weight comes off slowly. Plus I'm in a building muscle phase. I have to go more by how much energy and endurance I have and how clothes fit than what the scale indicates.

  6. Unfortunately, i don't live in ages past…so its not very comforting. But in a few weeks, I'll start to look a bit different…i just have to really watch the diet and eat enough….

  7. HB is right, rotation should not change the aspect ratio of the image but the pixels that make up the picture are not always square – your LCD screen may make things look a little wider than they are tall, or taller than they are wide – orientation of the image therefore can make a difference.
    A few of the shots are also barelling which is more dramatic close up – fatter in the middle than top/bottom (you can see this from the curve in the mirror/door edges, which I guess are really straight unless you live in a hobbit hole!) even a small amount of barelling can make a massive difference to the shape of the image. Hence, the landscape images taken further from the mirror are more realistic.
    A shot "looking down" (the camera is at your shoulder) distorts the image making the upper part of the image look wider than the lower part. To get a natural image of yourself you need someone to take if from a reasonable distance (well over a few feet) from you, pretty much square on.

  8. thanks!!! I feel a bit better now, because I was actually a bit surprised at how big my behind was looking, but I figured that was just the way it was…and yes to an extent that is the way it is, but….we'll see what the actual recipient of the photos thinks….

  9. go you for doing this! I think you look great now, honestly. I'm with you on "those last 10 pounds," but I think it matters more that we feel good about ourselves.

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