Family Visit

    Yesterday My sister, brother in law and the two boys aged 2 and 4 came to visit.  I have never really entertained at this home, so I was quite nervous, and also a little annoyed as they moved their arrival time from 8 pm to 1pm so I suddenly had much less house cleaning time!!

My carpets were trashed!  I had not realized how bad they were until I started to clean them.  I invested in a Bissel Little Green  steam cleaner.  It worked very well, even removing the coffee stain from my beige carpet.  Unfortunately, I attempted to clean entire rooms of carpet with the little green, which is really more intended to clean spots out of the carpet.  At one point, the entire area turned into a small mud hole, where the dog had laid down when wet and muddy.

At any rate, the carpets did get clean.  The Little green comes with a "turbo brush" which actually grabbed the pet hair before it got sucked into the dirty water hose, so I was able to just pull it out and keep it from clogging the machine.

At about 2 pm my sister and her little "Spawn of the devil" (As she calls them) arrived with her very appropriate Husband.  We sent the children and the husband to the park and went to the grocery store.  My sister oddly really enjoys grocery stores and spent much of her time comparing the Lowes Foods  to the "Stop N Shop" and "Shaws" that she has.  Eventually we decided to go out for dinner.  We went to Elmo's DIner which is very child friendly.  Essentially the children do not eat out a lot in resturaunts because apparently they behave badly.  M. the older boy did fairly well.  He sat and focused on food and eating.  A the two yr old decided to run about the restaraunt, which was annoying because he is difficult to keep up with.  When he was not running he delighted in shrieking very loudly!  It was a rushed dinner. 

Post dinner, I walked them all over to the elementary school playground which has a pint sized climbing wall, monkey bars, swings, playhouses, a slideing board, and a ball field.  The children enjoyed it a lot, especially A. who has no fear and will climb up anything very very rapidly.  M is more cautious in nature,  but he also enjoyed things.  There were moments when I wish I had brought a camera because they were so adorable. The children were extremely creative and enjoyed the little playhouses making up stories about one being a "birdseed house" and another being a Dunkin Donuts.   Eventually my sister got tired, and her husband was looking a bit pale.  They are not used to or Southern heat and I could tell it took a toll on them.  We went back to the car, and went by the Mapelview Ice Cream shop.  And then we went home.  At home, my sisters husband helped me to open a fuse box which I had been unable to open, used the net to complete some work, the kids had a bath to get off the chocolate ice cream and shockingly went to bed.

We sat up on the deck for a short time and then slept ourselves. 

This morning they headed out to Georgia for a family thing that I must miss for work.


it was a mercifully short visit as my home is really not child proof.  I am looking forward to seeing them again, as the children get older they are increasingly more easy. 

But I am glad to have my solitude and silence back!!!! 

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One thought on “Family Visit

  1. Whew! Sounds fun but I'm with ya on being able to get that quiet place back too. I understand about the place not being child-proof. Not only child-proof at my house, my 2 nieces and 2 nephews (when they've visited from out of state) didn't have alot of things to play with either. They had fun on my treadmill, playing with the hula hoop, the exercise ball, and the little 'Life Is Good' stress balls. Otherwise, my house was pretty boring for them. The treadmill made me a nervous Aunt (didn't want anyone to get hurt) but they had fun on it.
    My nieces and nephews are older now and it's true it does get easier.

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