So, When I look back on my goals for the year, they seem a little out of date six months later.  Especially considering the changes brought about by my finger fractures, my change in job situation, and various unpleasant romantical entanglements.  SO… I've decided to actually go ahead and make a shorter term list of goals for the next three months. 

Get back to my Pre-Injury Weight:

   I gained these pesky ten pounds post injury. I've lost about 3-4 of them, but thats not the entire ten.  After that I'd like to think about another ten, but the first ten are most critical.


Socialize Teulu the Wonder Dog:

   Teulu is doing quite well, but is still lacking the appropriate "blase greeting" that is most appreciated by people.  He gets wild and jumps and drools and yips and yaps.  So.  My plan is to try to find a nice coffee shop in NH with a nice bench and frequent it with a bag of treats for strangers to feed the dog.  In addition, I am making sure he gets enough exersise, which is the key of course to good doggie behavior. 


Run Injury free:

I have been doing alright with this, but my left leg is still giving me some pain, so I am finding that less is more.  I'm trying to run a bit less, swim a little more.  I'd like to minimize the pain in that leg as well. 

Improve my Speed:

I'd like to finish a 5K this summer in under 30 min.  I'm so slow currently that this would require quite an improvement.

Build a decent base:

need I say more?

Enjoy New Hampshire:

 I'll be there just 13 weeks, so I want to be sure to actually make a point to go to a few national parks, take the dog on some good hikes and in general enjoy the different scenery.

Save some Money:

June is a heavy financial month for me.  Several bi-yearly payments are due in June, plus I had to pay off the Vetrinarian, so my savings are somewhat depleted.  Over the three months I'd like to save between 3-5K.  I have the name of an excellent financial advisor, but right now having no real extra cash to invest, I am putting off calling him.

Prepare for CEN exam:

I need to do this.  Not only does the certification make me look very very good to potential contracts, I usually learn something each time I study.  I wish it cost less to take.

Stay clear of silly romatincal entanglement:

This seems pretty easy.  I'm been recently very dsappointed and hurt, so I think its time to take a break. 


I think for 90 days this is enough.  I'll check it periodically to see how I am doing.

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3 thoughts on “goals.

  1. You go, girlfriend. I know you can do these things.
    A couple things on the money situation. IMHO, if you have any small amount to invest, do it! Invest and then expect not to take it out for several years. Change where and what you have it invested perhaps but keep that small amount that grows over time in something. I'm not an expert but I do know that the younger you are (wish I would have invested in my 20's) the more that money grows and then it multiplies. It really does. It's a delayed gratification that most of us in our 20's can't fathom. Maybe your financial advisor can help you invest very conservatively in amouts right now. Just make sure you don't invest more than you are comfortable with. Sometimes these advisors can get you psyched to put more in than you really want. The good ones though will listen and invest as you are comfortable with.
    Another thing about the money situation. You imply the CEN exam and certification is kinda expensive. Sometimes we need to spend more to eventually and in the long-run make more. Make sense?
    Okay, enough about that! 🙂
    I hope you'll take some photos in New Hampshire and post them for us to vicariously enjoy. 🙂

  2. Right now I have a CD with a nice interest rate, the 403B, the IRA, some stocks (very small amt) and my basic savings account. As soon as I have about 3K, I'll get with the financial person, because after June right now I have about oh say 50 dollars of free money…Eventually I'm going to roll over the 403B into a 401K, just so it all stays in one account and I don't "lose" it.
    IN general I am a saver, but the dogs vet bill, the car insurance, and preparing the home for my sisters visit really took a toll on my usual cash flow.

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