last minute details

I'm moving on July 6th for the next 13 weeks.  Everything is essentially falling into place.  But there are those pesky little details that I need to address….none of them are major but for some reason I am like an Ostrich, and want to stick my head in the sand rather than do anything about it. 

So, today, I amazingly found myself violently too ill to work.  I called the charge at 3am and told her no work for me.  as I am resigning, my attendance at work no longer matters, and I have more than enough paid time off and I am also way under my "unexcused abscences" for this year as well.  I have a sort of Catholic-Style guilt   ( though I was raised by Quakers, and Baptised into a Wesleyan Church.) regarding calling in sick, so being that today is my hookey day, I will have to make it really really productive!  This makes me a good employee.  I keep expecting the charge nurse to say, "Hey I know you aren't sick, get in here"  They never do. 

I will call the lawn guy and arrange summer lawn care.

I managed to just barely get the enormous load of trash out to the trash people today (All that house cleaning for relatives!)

The dog is at the groomers getting de-flead and actually shaved a bit for the summer.  I'll post photos of the horrible things I've done to Teulu.  It's just too hot down here for a full Golden coat. 

I will at some point run.  For the first time in forever I feel demotivated to run.  I'm trying to heal the left leg strain.

I will clean out my car.  This may take up to 7 hours.  Post cleaning I will pack the dog crate strategically and then start to pack around it.  (things like down comforters that I surely do not need here now.).

Get driving directions to the town and see if I can do it in one day or if I really need to break it into two.

Email Mom to see if they want to meet me for breakfast off the Interstate.

   I'm not a huge procrastinater, but i find there are certain things that get me each time.  Specifically the car and the lawn. 

WHat do you procrastinate about?  Is it due to it being an unpleasant task?  an Unmanageable task? Or just something that someone else should be doing???

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4 thoughts on “last minute details

  1. Good luck getting everything done to prepare for your move. I'm sure at times it feels overwhelming like you need to just get away and not deal with any of it. I'm not a procrastinator at all. I can't think of anything I try and put off as long as possible. I'll have to ask Andrew if he can think of anything. I'm one of those people that does the "bad" stuff first to get it out of the way. I've done that when I've been working. I do that with household chores. I don't like the feeling of looming so I do what I have to and be done with it.

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